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Want to add up to the intricate detailing of rooms with the help of small furniture? You surely are looking for accent d├?┬ęcor in that particular case. We at Craftatoz are specialized in Accent d├?┬ęcor designing. When it comes to interior designing, accent d├?┬ęcor plays such an important role. That small table in the living room or the large sofa against the wall matter a lot. A well-placed accent d├?┬ęcor changes the look and cosines of the room to the next level. There is a segment on accent d├?┬ęcor in Craftatoz where you will find everything from tables, chairs to wall pieces, and art. Buying items of accent d├?┬ęcor online seems like the perfect idea. So, choose Craftatoz for a selective range of items. Browse our beautiful range of accent d├?┬ęcor items now!

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accent decor

Buy Accent Decor Products Online In India: Make Your Home Perfect

Accent dA┬ęcor or furniture is that piece of furniture that particularly stands out as it matches the d├?┬ęcor of the room perfectly. Any piece of accent furniture which goes beyond the functionality is mostly accent d├?┬ęcor. Our services at Craftatoz try to understand the needs of people and work accordingly. These furniture pieces are used for effective home decoration considerations. 

This furniture can pleasingly attract you, maybe towards its shape or simply its cozy colour. When thinking about bringing an accent d├?┬ęcor home, there are just so many in the market. The style of the room will decide the place of shopping, whether from the thrift stores or vintage stores.  

Select small tables

Small tables also act as great accent d├?┬ęcor for your rooms.  Most often painted, inlaid, or other interesting patterns of small tables are used as accent furniture. All of these ranges are available at Craftatoz The materials are conventional for some whereas having strong lines or patterns, depending on the choices of customers.

Starting The Entry With Accent Decor

The entry creates the tone set for the entire room and house in total. Living room and entry room is the perfect place for putting on accent furniture. A heavy bombe chest is an accent d├?┬ęcor for sure with colourful beads and decorations. Painted, ornate, or glided chest are also some other options. The chest should be of bold colours or must be an outstanding shape. At Craftatoz, we have all ranges of bombe chests at affordable rates. 

Choosing a chair with flair

Chairs are other types of accent d├?┬ęcor pieces that can be used at homes. When selecting chairs for your room, choose ones having a strong and bold colour or upholstery. The style of the chair can be different from the rest of the furniture in the house. Mixing of two colours can create contrasting and amazing results, beyond your imagination. If you have traditional furniture in the entire house, bringing in a modern chair can change the entire look of your room. 

Furnishing with Imposing Pieces Accent Decor

An accent d├?┬ęcor can well be large and imposing pieces. It could be a painted folding screen, a tv cabinet, or even armour. If you want a busy room, then a plain and simple cabinet with bold and contrasting colours complements everything present in the room. In contrast, if another furniture is muted, then choosing tall and imposing ornate pieces enhances the room.

Make dining table the star

Dining tables can create natural looks and add to accent d├?┬ęcor. Craftatoz has every shape of dining tables that fits small to big houses. Choose a table for its finish, colour, or material. Dining tables come in varied shapes and sizes. Choose the one which complements the dining chairs in the room. Arrange for mood lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.  

Try interesting lighting

Overhead lighting is fine but table lamps, shades, and shelf lighting make for good accent d├?┬ęcor in the house. Try something a little bit quirky and chirp breaking the monotony. Our lights at Craftatoz are available at various ranges; you can choose the ones that align with your room and fit your budget. 

If furniture can make the house lively, it is the work of accent d├?┬ęcor to create a homely environment.

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