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The bar cabinet is designed for long storage and cooling of wine. This device will appreciate all the multiples of wine production, as it is much more pleasant to take a bottle of zealous drink from your stock than going to the store for it. And you cannot keep alcohol in a regular closet or in a pantry room, as it may affect its taste properties. Therefore, a bar cabinet is the best solution to keep wine bottles. The bar cabinet has many distinct qualities when compared to a traditional refrigerator. It is important for this reason that it is best to use this drink at a certain temperature so that it can reveal its unusual taste and aroma. There are a lot of top quality designer bar cabinets available at Craftatoz.

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bar cabinets

Buy Wooden Bar Cabinet Online In India at Craftatoz

Once in the cabinet, bottles with a wooden cork should be folded horizontally, as the wet wood will not allow air inside. If a metal cap or plastic containment is on the bottle, it can be stored under any condition - its tightness does not require special disposal. The bar cabinet has another distinctive feature - it protects products from ultraviolet penetration. Ultrasonic rays harmfully affect the glass of the bottle and activate chemical reactions inside it. The bar cabinet has an additional stained glass and dark door. A bar cabinet can be a staple piece of furniture that the owner can blow up guests. You can buy a bar cabinet online in different colours and different designs.

Depending on the model, the bar cabinet may offer several different technologies for drinks:


Absorption is the quietest technique that does not emit any chemical during any operation. It is based on the evaporation and absorption of heat through chemical reactions. Absorption bar cabinets can be installed in any room.

Bar cabinet can be made or disassembled:

Stand-alone equipment is designed not to interfere with other pieces of furniture. Their radiator cooling system can be mounted on the wall or behind the structure. Also present in the wall model. The compact size of the bar cabinet allows you to keep it in a small space as well. The cabinet may have a neutral or cool production version.

Manufacturing material

Various materials are used in the manufacture of bar cabinets. It can be wood, metal, plastic, glass and polymer. Of course, the most popular is the wooden bar cabinet. Wood products are distinguished by their environmental friendliness, safety and aesthetic appearance. A solid wood bar cabinet can create optimal conditions for storing wine bottles. To maintain the necessary accessories, it is better to install wooden bar cabinets in a separate room. With their help, you cannot worry about internal temperature and humidity, as these materials support the conditions necessary for storing wine, regardless of external conditions. Choosing a home cabinet for wine storage, you need to focus on additional features. Many models have glass doors, which safely protect the contents of the bar cabinet from the entry of ultraviolet rays. Such designs are often equipped with a backlight, which helps determine the choice of the bottle without opening the cabinet. The right choice of storage should be based on its quality.

A Number of Bar Cabinets Are Available at Craftatoz, Depending On Many Storage Types. 

Reasons for classification of bar cabinet:

  • Bar cabinet is installed on a professional or amateur basis.

  • Design and stylistic performance- classic or modern model.

  • Internal arrangement- a segment or multifunctional products.

  • Appearance and performance- hinged and angular case or built-in bar cabinet is different.

Bar cabinets can also be divided based on size limits. Bar cabinets are made in various stylistic directions:

  • Classic.

  • Art deco.

  • High-tech.

  • Minimalism.

  • Modern and other.

A cabinet for wine and alcohol, used by amateurs, is a simple bar for storing various bottles of wine for the home. Such furniture does not create special conditions, including the temperature arrangement required for storing wine bottles. An expensive and fun collection of wine cannot be stored in such a living room bar.

The commercial bar cabinet in appearance resembles a piece of simple cabinet furniture but has a built-in refrigerator. The style of the product may be different, the main thing is that it can maintain a constant temperature to preserve the positive qualities of wines and alcohol. You can find the stylish range of bar cabinets online at craftatoz. We offer high-quality bar cabinets at very reasonable prices. 

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