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The long chair-like shape which is placed in front of the bar table is called a bar stool. One feature of this stool is that it has a place to rest the feet. By which the feet are supported. Bar stools are slightly higher than common stools and bar stools are slightly narrower. This narrowness of bar stools makes them place in front of the bar table in the bar. Bar stools placed in pubs or bars are often made of wood or metal and these stools are also durable. Some stools have a cushioned seat and at the same time, an armrest is also given. You will find bar stools of different shapes and different materials at Craftatoz at reasonable prices. Browse our quality and elegant range of Bar stools now!

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bar stools

Buy Wooden Bar Stools Online In India Available at Craftatoz

The main advantage of furniture is compactness in particular bar stools. Bar stools are transformed, and in this way, they can be stored in a closet. This type of bar stool must be as compact as possible in a different format to fit into the trunk of a small car and is no more difficult to assemble. Now buyers buy this type of bar stool online and Craftatoz send it to the craftsmen and install the furniture. Apart from high-quality products and drinks and professional staff, any bar and pub need special furniture. Even the best and most reliable household samples will not work, as they are not designed for such intensive use. A bar depends on the choice of the bar stool.

Basically, bar stools are associated with modern interiors. However, the possibilities of their use are very wide. You only need to know the key principles, and then it is not difficult to choose the best option for any type of interior.

These special features should be in the bar stool:

  • The bar stool is higher than the normal stool.

  • Equipped with a relatively small seat.

  • The back is short or completely absent.

  • Steps for high landing do not cause discomfort.

  • Footrest must be there so that the legs remain in the rest position by sitting for a long time.

Ideal Bar Stools

The high-tech model is quite popular, and many people want to emphasize their commitment to modern technological progress. The best way to express these bar stools made of the hard and compact configuration of chrome steel. Modern bar stools are often equipped with openwork backs and low lateral railings. Leather or fabric is used to manufacture its seats.

 The bar seems compatible with the use of the bar stools. A reasonable solution is the use of lesser furniture decorated with carvings in the spirit of folk furniture. In a classic style, the bar stools are often made of wood with leather-wrapped seats or durable fabric. Instead of natural wood, you can choose a beautiful forging, but always with good upholstery and comfortable armrests.

Vintage Look Bar Stool

In a bar decoration the same way as a vintage and in a modern setting, harmony between the two can be maintained, with both looking very attractive. Bar stools of vintage look are seen in many bars. Bar stools of vintage look and modern look can be purchased with durability on Craftatoz.

Interior options

Furniture for bars and pubs should primarily fit the overall style. When bar furniture is selected in an apartment or house, it is also advisable to prioritize classics. A glance at it suffices for the pleasant, relaxed atmosphere of a quiet holiday. The classic version is not difficult to identify, except for a rich dark shade, it "backs" the square shape of the seat. The design seems a bit cumbersome, but it is absolutely its special appeal. If not the back, this externally excludes the simple design that perfectly fits the minimalist or loft style. Since there is no support, it will be difficult to sit for long periods of time.

Almost all variants, equipped with armrests, are more comfortable and can also become an option for a chair. Basically, bar stools are made of walnut, hornbeam or ash wood, which is a must for decoration and comfort. The unusual futuristic design is basically capable of commissioning the most common stool at the center of the interior. 

Stool height

This parameter depends on the size of the table or bar. The difference between the top of the table and the level of the seat should not exceed 30 cm. In particular, for a rack with a height of 1 meter, choose a stool of about 70 cm.

You must browse Craftatoz once and get new models of bar stools.

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