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The bedside table is a piece of furniture which we place next to the bed and use it for many purposes. The bed is the main part of the bedroom but it is incomplete without a bedside table. It is an essential furniture piece for your comfort and relaxation. Bedroom is the most comfortable zone for many people. It is a very small and intelligent piece of furniture that can make the design of the room more elegant. If you want to make this piece of furniture functional, choose a wooden model of the bedside table. Craftatoz has a stylish and wide range of bedside table which you can choose according to your requirements. Browse our exquisite range of bedside tables online now!

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beside tables

Buy Wooden Bedside Table Online In India: An Integral Part of the Interior of any Bedroom

The bedside table is a very stylish and comfortable thing that is an integral part of the interior of any bedroom. It is not only a fashionable piece of furniture but also a functional element that can serve you well. After all, anything can be placed on a bedside table, whether it is sleeping items or other things. The bedside table can look stylish. It also comes with glass models, which are great for modern bedroom interior design. In addition, a bedside table can have different shapes: it can be around, square, diamond-shaped object, or an abstract model. Bedside tables come with various styles and all these types of bedside tables are available online at Craftatoz.

On Wheel Bedside Table Solid Sheesham  Wood

The most useful and multifunctional is a bedside table on wheels, as it can be moved to any part of the room. This model can be used to make breakfast and can be easily removed. Such a piece of furniture can make the bedroom consistent, for this, it is necessary to install a kind of furniture on both sides of the bed. But if you want to make the bedroom asymmetric, you can leave only one piece of furniture, thus diversifying the design of the room.

Different Shapes of Bedside Table Are Available at Craftatoz

Bedside tables of unusual size and design can be the highlight of any bedroom. In the modern world, it is very convenient as it is an integral part of the interior of any room with a bed. The bedside table came into fashion for the traditions of the British and French - in the morning they read magazines that were stored on a small table near the bed. Such coffee tables have become an excellent alternative to large chests and pedestals, since these large pieces of furniture, since the twentieth century, were no longer used for the interior of the bedroom. Now bedside tables are also very useful items and they are in almost every bedroom.

Small size bedside table

A fashionable small table can be interesting to decorate any interior and change the look of the bedroom. It can act as a stylish accessory, or it can be an integral functional part of the interior. Some use bedside tables to store magazines, newspapers, books. For some, they serve as trays or deliveries for food. Apart from this such pieces of furniture are also used to store masks for sleeping, cream, and some sleeping items.

Lattice bedside table

Lattice bedside tables are very high quality and durable. These interior items look very stylish and differ in their strength. Typically, the countertop for this piece of furniture is made of wood, glass, or steel. The specific option is chosen based on the style of the bedroom.

Curved bedside table

It is a type of furniture that resembles a bedside table and has drawers. Generally, these models are made of wood, but often they are made of chipboard and are also upholstered with leather. The final version of Table-Curb stone is very stylish and perfectly suited for retro-bedroom or loft-style rooms.

Folding bedside table

A folding bedside table is another type of furniture that is perfect for those who like to have breakfast in bed. This interior is very functional, as it can change its shape and appearance. There are also bedside tables with a sliding tabletop. Ordinary people are used for writing or for other purposes if the small surface area of this piece of furniture is not sufficient.

You can buy this function piece of furniture from our online store Craftatoz very easily. We also offer customization of every furniture unit.

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