People have become increasingly comfortable buying mattresses online in India over the past decade as the internet has become a safer, cheap, and convenient marketplace. In certain instances, general convenience is a factor.

There are many advantages to buying mattresses online in India, such as cheaper costs, but certain traps to avoid. Learn what to look for when buying a mattress online in India and what to avoid when shopping.

What to Look For In a Mattress While Planning to Buy Online?

When purchasing a new mattress, some aspects are always essential, regardless of where you get it. Finding the perfect mattress for you depends on the material, firmness, and budget you have.

Your Mattress Budget

When shopping for a new mattress online, the first thing to think about is your budget. Shopping for a mattress online may save you much money since web merchants eliminate the need for a distributor and store space, saving the consumer money.

The lifespan of your mattress should be included in your budget. A less costly mattress may not last as long because of the materials used or the manufacturing process.

In the end, lower-quality mattresses may be less efficient in relieving and preventing discomfort. The best mattresses should last at least six years, and higher-quality mattresses should last much longer. You can get the most life out of your mattress without spending a lot if you take good care of it.

When purchasing a mattress online, consider how much it will cost to have it delivered. Free shipping companies may have somewhat higher pricing, but you will save money by not having to pay for delivery yourself. Free delivery is sometimes offered at physical retail shops, although typically arranged with the mattress sales clerk.

The Mattress Firmness

One of the most critical elements affecting comfort is the mattress hardness. Your spine will be out of alignment when you sleep if your mattress is either soft or too hard, which may cause discomfort. 

Types of Mattresses Available online in India

You might be confused about how to choose the best according to your needs, however before you buy a mattress online understand the above features. They will guide you find a right mattress for your sleeping comfort

Having discussed the above, let us now dive in into looking at different types of mattresses best for you. These mattresses are very popular amongst Indian families and easily available at Craftatoz, the best online furniture store in India. 

King Size Mattress

There are numerous things to consider and many options to select from when purchasing a new mattress. It may be challenging to choose between the different items since many provide excellent comfort and support. The most important thing to consider is the bed sizes and their dimensions to select many options. This will guarantee that the mattress fits into the available space in your bedroom, particularly if you are upgrading from a smaller size. In this case, a king-size mattress is all you need.

Whether you are upsizing or not, it is critical to understand the mattresses, measurements so that the length, breadth, and bed frame do not create any problems.

Benefits of Purchasing a King-size mattress:

Comfort and More Space  

This is the most important reason for purchasing a king-size mattress. It provides more room and comfort. They are more thorough than a double bed mattress, with a few additional inches in length and breadth that signify a lot more than you may think. It allows you to extend your arms and legs as much as you want while sleeping in any position. 

Useful If You Have Health Issues

If you or your spouse has health difficulties, such as arthritis-related joint aches or other concerns, the sleeper becomes restless and moves about continuously while sleeping.  It may soon become an issue; however, the king mattresss large sleeping surface can alleviate this problem, as both parties will have ample space to sleep without waking one another. Because there is ample room to move about, it reduces neck, back, and shoulder discomfort.

Accommodate a Large Family

 If you have a large family with a few children and a dog, you may have the whole family sleep together in the king-size mattress on a leisurely Sunday.

Fits With the Decor of Your Room

By selecting a king-size bed frame and adding bedding in bright colours that complement the rooms décor, you can make your bedroom seem fantastic and turn it into something fresh.

Single Mattresses

If you are looking to decorate a bedroom but are not sure what size bed or mattress to buy, a single mattress may be a good option.

 Mattresses are available in sizes ranging from small single to super king. The smallest size of bed available is a little single. Small single beds and mattresses are 75cm broad and 190cm long, making them ideal for fitting a kid or a single sleeper in a space-constrained bedroom. 

Although sleeping alone may often be preferable to the ideal sleeping space provided by a double bed, single mattresses have their own set of benefits.

  • It offers perfect sleeping options for children

  • ideal for families who want to make the most of their living space

  • affordable for single occupants in cramped quarters,

  • it is perfect for people searching for low-cost alternatives

The single mattress provides enough space for sleeping, reading, and other activities. In addition, these mattresses have become popular .This is because they provide the sleeper with maximum comfort and support from edge to edge.

Queen size mattress

The simple answer is that a queen-size mattress is the most excellent match for most individuals because their comfortable size - queen bed dimensions are ideal for most couples but not too big for most bedrooms! The queen bed size is perfect for most people, with an extra 16 cm of width and height compared to double beds. For a complete comparison of standard mattress sizes, see our bed sizes page.

Singles who have the room and money for a bed that enables them to stretch out and move about might choose a queen-size mattress. It is also excellent for couples who wish to sleep comfortably while having enough space to avoid a crowded bedroom.

Benefits of choosing Queen sized mattress:

  • It offers complete mental and physical relaxation.

  • Its longer lengths provide more room to stretch out and can accommodate a person up to 7 feet tall.

  • The queen-size mattress is ideal for couples or people who want more space to move about while sleeping.

  • It is ideal for queen-sized beds, often found in bigger bedrooms, guest rooms, and master bedrooms.

  • It is less costly than king-size mattresses.

The bed is the rooms main point. A queen mattress elevates a rooms look and provides a touch of elegance. Mattresses are now available to fit every requirement and quantity of space in a bedroom. Whether you need a tiny bed to suit a small bedroom or one that enables you to stretch out luxuriously, you will discover the ideal size.

How to choose the right Mattress?

Choose a mattress based on your sleeping habits.

All of todays mattress materials can support a variety of sleeping patterns. Furthermore, research indicates that replacing an old mattress with a new one leads to improved sleep and minor discomfort.

Innerspring mattresses may be hard or soft, but only to a certain extent. Pillow toppers lessen the sensation of the coils in these mattresses, making them more comfortable. To some degree, this works, but it will not offer fully tailored comfort. 

Finally, buying furniture online enables you to have this discussion without being hurried by a salesperson. You have as much time as you need to study the beds you are interested in. When you and your spouse are both ready to buy, you will make the best choice.

Where Should You Look For Mattresses?

Start searching what mattresses are available at your pricing point after determining what mattress features you will be looking for. This procedure is made easier on the internet by enabling you to compare several businesses side by side, with all of the pertinent information given out for you.

The Company?s Website

The mattress companys website should be the first place to look. Many businesses have websites devoted to sharing more product information. This may include the kind of materials used and the explanations for how their mattresses are made. You can find Single mattresses, king-size mattresses and queen size mattresses at the best prices at Craftatoz. 

There is a big difference from a retail shop where you can see the mattress specifications and some brands. A companys website will usually offer more information than a physical shop can.

Mattress Review Sites

Finding unbiased mattress reviews is more complex than you may think. Its great if a business has its review system, but it may be controlled by only displaying favourable ratings. 

Social Media

Look at what these businesses are doing on social media after youve looked at their blogs, review sites, and websites. When consumers have a good experience with a brand, they are likely to share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebooks pages even have a rating system built-in.

The Importance of a Return Policy

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you may learn more about what will happen when you check out with each business. When purchasing a mattress online in India, an essential thing to check for is clear return terms. If you do not like the way a mattress feels, it is critical that you receive a complete return. It may not be worth your effort if the business provides a partial refund.

Online mattress providers should offer a lengthier sleeping trial because they know you want time to test out your mattress. This is to compensate for the fact that you cannot test a mattress before you buy it.


Keep track of how much time you have to return your mattress. Whether a business allows you to test a mattress for 14 nights, you will not be able to tell if its comfy. A return policy should last at least 60 nights, if not 90.

Remember that your body needs to adapt to your new sleeping surface before returning your mattress after just sleeping on it for one night. A new bedding arrangement may take a month or more to adapt to completely. If you are not accustomed to sleeping well, you may overlook the advantages of a good nights sleep in a good bed.

You can conduct all of your research when buying furniture online from the comfort of your sofa, rather than travelling to several stores and spending time at each one testing out a variety of mattresses. When you shop for your new mattress online India, you can take as much time as you need to research your choices whenever it is most convenient for you.

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