Teak is prevalent in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma, and Malaysia, although no central government in the region takes teak as seriously as Indonesias. The Indonesian government has maintained a corporation committed to managing one of the country most precious natural resources since the countrys post-colonial era began in the mid-20th century. The corporation, PT Perhutani, looks after the official teak plantations in Java, Indonesia. A certain amount of trees can be felled each year in this area. Each tree is removed and replaced with a new one on the plantation.

Teak wood furniture is best created from mature trees; thus, it can take up to 80 years for a teak tree planted today to be harvested for wood. Ancient teak is frequently salvaged ? for example, from old structures due for demolition ? and given new life as furniture as a result of this, and since teak is such an outstanding wood resource.


Teak wood was first used to build ship hulls and sailing decks in England, and it has a long history there.Many classic bars are still in use today, such as the Lutyens bench. Add teak to your house, garden, or company to honour the long and illustrious heritage of teak garden furniture.

Teak Furniture: Everything You Need to Know


Teak wood is a rigid material to work with. Its challenging and long-lasting, having the ability to tolerate extremes of heat and cold. This makes it an ideal wood for outdoor furniture, but it can also be used indoors for a long time. Because of its durability, it is less prone to succumb to rot or other diseases that might affect other woods. Using the appropriate kind of teak ? high-quality wood with a lot of oil and rubber ? can produce stunning pieces of furniture that can withstand whatever your home throws at them.


Teak wood furniture online is one of the most popular among furniture producers and homeowners because of its colour and grain. Unlike outdoor teak furniture, which may be left to weather and turn an attractive silver-grey colour, teak used indoors is frequently oiled to keep its warm golden colour. Its robustness is a big bonus for furniture designers, as it allows them to create a variety of pieces that would not be possible with other, softer woods. This frequently means that teak furniture has a broader range of options than many different kinds of wood.


Teaks natural strength, durability, warm colour, and resistance to termites and other harmful elements make it a highly adaptable wood. For hundreds of years, its water-resistant characteristics and resistance to splintering made it a favourite among shipbuilders. It has since been used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak provides the versatility that many furniture producers are searching for today, from enormous dining room tables to beautiful cupboards and outdoor furniture.

Teak Wood Furniture: How to Care for It

In comparison to other types of outdoor wood furniture, teak wood furniture is unusual in that it develops its natural oil, making it incredibly low maintenance. Teak oil also prevents water and moisture from penetrating the wood and causing dry rot. Patio Productions has various high-quality outdoor teak furniture alternatives.

If you do not mind the greyish patina that teak develops over time, its a low-maintenance material that can be left on the patio with little more than a dusting to keep it looking great. 

Teak: Everything You Need to Know

Teak wood furniture for sale is a robust, durable deciduous tree that grows in tropical climates such as Burma and Thailand. Teak, or Tectona Grandis, is one of the most precious woods on the planet, with unrivalled durability and beauty.

Because teak wood is thick, it does not bend, warp, or crack over time.

Teak furniture is protected from dry decay by natural oils.

Teak wood contains a natural resin that resembles rubber. This resin functions as a natural insect and termite repellant. Although it is commonly believed that termites would not consume teak, this is not the case. Learn more about teak and termites by reading this article.

Teak furniture is more expensive than other wood or metal forms because of its natural protective characteristics.

Teak Furniture Cleaning

Teak is a low-maintenance wood. It can be cleaned with a brush and some light dish soap. For optimal results, scrape with the grain. This can be done before the start of the outdoor summer season. After that, all you have to do is dust your furniture with a soft cloth.

Getting Rid of Stains

You can lightly sand away large stains with fine-grit sandpaper to remove them. Learn how to sand teak furniture in the section below. Using an iron to remove water stains is a simple tip that I discovered. Its quick and straightforward, and it works. Could you find out how to do it right here?

Grease stains are a different store, but they can still be removed. A commercial-grade teak cleaner found online or at a local hardware store is required.

Do not worry if your teak furniture has some stubborn water stains; we have written a comprehensive guide on removing water stains from teak furniture.

Teak Wood Sanding

Teak wood can be lightly sanded to expose a new and brilliant polish beneath the surface. This will bring back the honey-brown glow. Sanding can be more demanding on furniture with hard-to-reach locations, so you will have to work by hand to get around them. After you have completed sanding and cleaning up the dust, you can seal the wood to protect the colours.

Colour Preservation

Sealer vs Teak Oil

Its common to hear that all teak furniture requires is light oiling once a year. Teak oil can not prevent fading and can induce mildew; thus, this is inaccurate. Keep in mind that teak already creates its natural oil. Teak sealers are preferable because they prevent furniture from losing its unique golden tones.

What You Should not Do to Your Teak Furniture

Teak oil should not be used since it can cause mould and mildew to grow. It wont do anything to prevent the greying patina from forming, though. If you want to preserve the honey brown finish on your furniture, you will have to keep sanding it down.

Varnish can cause the wood to chip and flake. All-purpose wood cleansers should never be used on teak wood. Teak is a unique sort of wood that needs teak cleaners, oils, and clear coatings, among other things.

Teak is naturally water-resistant; therefore, water repellents/sealers are not required.

Wood decks benefit from pressure washing, but teak furniture does not. It might discolour and harm the surface of the wood. The surface will become fractured and gritty.

When cleaning teak, avoid using steel wool or brass wool. These brushes are abrasive to the point of being dangerous. A Scotch Brite Cleaning Pad (from the kitchen) will suffice.

You Can Take Preventative Measures

Teak Maintenance in the Winter

Teak should be brought indoors during the winter due to excessive moisture levels. Its also not a bad idea to get outside furnishings inside! If this isnt possible, make sure there is no standing water on your teak furniture and that the legs are not dangling in puddles. This can hasten the deterioration of your furniture. Mildew causes the wood to turn black, so you can tell if its infected.

During the harsh winter months, you can also use furniture covers to protect your teak. Furniture covers are an excellent investment that will extend the life of your teak furniture. These have breathable air vents that allow air to circulate and avoid mildew.

Droppings from birds

Bird droppings can easily discolour wood. To avoid any harm to your outdoor furniture, remove bird droppings as soon as possible. This is just another reason why patio covers may be a worthwhile investment. They protect your outdoor furniture from bird droppings, UV radiation and help it last longer.


When putting wood furniture outside, you often have to worry about water rot and insects, especially if you live in a region where termites and wood post beetles are a problem. Teak from teak wood furniture online India is resistant to wood rot, termites, and other wood-eating insects due to its high silica content. Teak also repels insects naturally. Teakwood furniture is ideal for patios and gardens, where it can be placed directly on the ground. Consider putting a lovely Teakwood seat on your lawn, perhaps near your water garden, rose garden, or even under a large shade tree.

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