Are you moving into your first place? Now that the kids have moved out, why not redecorate the living room? Or maybe youre a parent in need of a comfortable sofa set for your homes family room? The couch type you choose will depend on your lifestyle and personal preferences. A sofa with curled arms and tufted cushions, on the other hand, has a more classic appearance, whilst a sofa with clean, simple lines has a more modern appearance. When it comes to furnishing your home, where do you begin? Weve put up this shopping guide for a couch as a service to you. Learn about the numerous varieties of sofas and how to pick a sofa that best suits your house in the next section.

Traditional Sofas

There is a broad range of standard couch sizes that may be found in most living rooms, ranging from six feet wide to eight feet wide (including the armrests). Not sure whether these proportions will fit in your living room? Ensure that you have at least 30 to 36 inches of pathway area when determining where to put your 3-seater couch. Seating should be at least 36 inches apart in all other areas. Coffee tables should be around the height of the couch seat and placed 14 to 18 inches apart for convenient access to snacks or beverages.

Small Couches

Consider a tiny sofa set for living if you enjoy the design of a classic sofa but want something a little less profound. It is similar in height and length, but the smaller version has a lower depth, ideal for smaller homes. Are you unsure whether or not a small couch is a suitable choice for your space? The following are the two things to keep in mind: First, think about your height. Sitting on your couch with your feet dangling in the air while leaning on the backrest might be uncomfortable; a shallow seat may be a better option in this case. The size of your space is the second factor to consider. If you have a long-distance that isnt extremely broad, a small couch may still allow you to accommodate three people without taking up too much space.

Luxurious Sofas

An oversized couch may accommodate a few additional guests. Seating up to five people, they measure from 90 and 110 inches in length (and your pets, too). Grande couches are a great option if you want additional seating for guests and family, but they also look great in lengthy living rooms. In addition, there is? Large couches are ideal for tall individuals because they provide lots of room to stretch out. Buy sofa set online in India from Craftatoz also check out the luxury sofa set price in India.


What if you had a more inviting living room? A loveseat would be an excellent addition. Loveseats (also known as apartment sofas) are just as deep and high as a regular couch, but they take up less room in width. Theres enough space for two people to spread out in the chairs. Many people employ an L-shape arrangement of couches and loveseats.

Sofas That May Be Divided Into Many Sections

Sectional couches, which are made up of several interlocking modules, enable you to create a sitting configuration that is perfect for your family room. Smaller rooms may benefit from a loveseat-chaise lounge combo, while large open floor plans can benefit from an L- or U-shaped design created with couches and corner chairs.

Sofa Bed Types

Consider a sleeper couch if you want to invite out-of-town guests or your childrens pals for overnight parties. As a bed that can easily be converted into a sofa, theyre an excellent alternative for living rooms that double as guest rooms. In addition, you may choose from various sizes to meet your demands and the needs of your guests. One that is full or queen-sized is ideal for occasional overnight hosts. You may want to consider a king sleeper bed instead if you have the space and want to offer couples more room to stretch out. A twin daybed or cot chair may be put up for the children. Check out online for sofa for sale.

Sofa Bed with Trundle

Its easy to change your living room into a comfortable resting space with a sofa trundle bed. A trundle mattress can be seen hidden within when the couchs front rail is pushed forward. The mattress may be pulled out and locked in position with the help of the grips. In addition to being simple to assemble, trundle sleeper couches are visually appealing additions to any living space. Even when its rolled out, the mattress appears right at home in the living room since its upholstered to match the rest of the sofa. If you dont use it as a bed, your couch becomes an extra-wide chaise, making it a great place to relax with loved ones while watching a movie. Check out online to get to know about sofa set price in India.


Sofas with Pull-Out Beds

If you have friends who will be spending an additional night or two, a pull-out sleeper couch can provide the stability of a regular foam mattress while also being a more comfortable choice. Is there anything more youd want to try? Look for one without bars or springs. Even better, the mattresses on the highest-end couch beds are made of memory foam or gel. No matter what size or substance your mattress is, it would help if you always covered it with a blanket or duvet to keep you warm at night.


A daybed may be either a frame with a mattress attached to it, or it can be a cushion covered in upholstery. Consider a daybed frame with a standard twin mattress if you want to use the furniture primarily for overnight guests. Do you regularly use your living room or home office as a guest room? An upholstered daybed would be a better choice since it blends in smoothly with the rest of the rooms furnishings and décor. Try to discover an upholstered daybed with a trundle mattress for a more roomy choice.


Futons are one of the most informal sofa types and an easy way to entertain overnight guests. Futons are versatile and easy to set up as a sleeping bed. With a simple flattening of the backrests, they may go from couch to bed in a matter of seconds. As opposed to conventional futons, contemporary fold-down sofa beds use cushions incorporated into the frame itself rather than a separate mattress. The end effect is that they look great in any modern living area.

Tight-Back Sofas

Tight back sofas feature a tufted or smooth upholstered backrest instead of loose or semi-attached back cushions. Instead of having to flip or rotate cushions to keep them from drooping, this method gives the design a fresh look and keeps the furniture in good repair. For those searching for a sturdy couch, its structure is ideal. If youd like something softer, this is the option for you. Add a lot of cushions to the back of the couch.

Sofas with Pillow Backs

Couches with pillow backs, also known as scatter back sofas, are recognised for their loose array of giant pillows positioned over the backrest. The colour of these pillows is generally the same as the rest of the couch. Its pretty uncommon for this sofa to lack standard back cushions. When youre just chilling out, though, it does have a nice fluffy feel.

Couches in Tuxedos

The backrest is equal in height to the armrests, a tuxedo couch is clean-lined and creates a refined aesthetic. For a dash of flair, many have tufted backs and arms, as well as four legs of wood or metal.

Sofas with curved backs

Consider a curved back couch or serpentine one if youre seeking something unusual in the living room. This kind of sofa makes a strong statement because of its versatile structure, which works well in classic and contemporary decor schemes. Even though it wont sit flush against the wall, the design creates an intimate atmosphere when a group gathers.

Sofas with Track Arms

For a sleek, contemporary appearance, track arm couches have rectangular armrests. They can be placed against a wall or even in a corner because of their angular shape. While the arms are cosy and supportive on their own, placing a few throw pillows on top of them will make them even cosier.

Sofas with Pillow Arms

Sofas with pillowed armrests make relaxing in the living area more enjoyable. Typically seen on luxurious pieces of furniture, these armrests include enormous cushions draped over the tops. If you like a softer feel, go for a couch with overstuffed cushion arms.

Sofas in Fabric

When faced with a seemingly endless array of couch options, how does one even begin to reduce the field? Consider your lifestyle and what you need the cloth to do for you before deciding. When looking for low-maintenance, stain-resistant and tightly woven textiles, search for synthetic microfibers (polyester, nylon, or acrylic) or mixed fabrics. Families and high-traffic areas may also benefit from outdoor materials since theyre simple to clean and fade-resistant, making them ideal. Consider cotton and linen if you want a soft, lived-in appearance (i.e., you accept creases).

With fabric couches, you may pick from a wide range of colours and designs. Whether you favour neutrals like brown, white, or grey, or vivid blues, reds, or greens, theres upholstery to complement your living rooms colour scheme. Check out our couch fabric guide for more information.


How do you choose which couch is most suited to your body type? Trying out various foam cushions and fillings can help you establish whether you like a sink-in and stay sensation or firm support. Find out what the core is made of and how it is protected. For an easy test, put your hands in the middle and push; the closer your hands come together, the better grade of foam is utilised. Soft enough for comfort, yet hard enough to keep you from feeling the floor underneath.


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Are you moving into your first place? Now that the kids have moved out, why not redecorate the living room? Or maybe youre a parent in need of a comfortable sofa set for your homes family room?
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