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The piece of furniture that consists of two beds, one on top of the other, which forms a unit is called a bunk bed. Two-level beds - a practical solution for children s rooms, country houses, small hotels, hostels. Metal bunk beds take up little space if necessary, they are easily disassembled and transported. In addition, it is a basic design solution that can "revive" the boring interior. Bunk beds are of modern and unusual design. One of the main features of a bunk bed is that it is of high quality and made of safe material. The biggest utility of a bunk bed is that it saves free space. You can find a different range of bunk beds at Craftatoz.

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bunk beds

Buy Solid Wood Bunk Beds Online India-Save Bedroom Space 

Less space is often a concern in our compact habitats, it is common that we seek solutions for its adaptation. The bed is one of the largest furniture in the room or bedroom. It is also the most important piece. Its main function is that it is comfortable. But this does not mean that we should not pay attention to its presence. At the center of the construction of the bunk beds, are two beds situated on top of each other. This allows you to save space significantly, which is especially important for narrow extended rooms. Often, bunk bed models are purchased for children s rooms, boarding schools, camps, but they are also suitable for adults. Such products will be mandatory in summer homes, where many relatives and friends gather. They also buy bunk beds for a range of small hotels, budget sanatoriums. You can buy a metal bunk bed online through Craftatoz

Bunk beds are made of metal and wood and many of their designs are available on Craftatoz.


Typical features of metal bunk beds are here:


Bunk bed models take up small space, making them suitable for placement in rooms of any size. In addition, you can order a non-standard size bed for a particular room. You will find customized bunk beds on Craftatoz

Favourable price

The purchase of such furniture i.e. bunk beds will take almost two times less money than buying two beds. For those limited in finance, manufacturers offer low-end models with less decoration. Experts here will help you in every way and you will be able to get a decorative bunk bed.

Long service life

Metal bunk beds have been in use for many years (and even decades), as they are nearly impossible to break. However, the products retain aesthetic characteristics. Metal bunk beds give a new look to your room and also save the space of the room.

Stability and durability

The bed frame is resistant to external mechanical stress, it can withstand heavy loads. Metal bunk beds provide stability and durability.

Fire protection

Such models do not burn with fire, so they can be operated at high temperatures.

Easy installation

Assembling beds do not require the use of professional knowledge and specialized equipment, so even a newbie can install them.

Buy Bunk Bed Online India -Craftatoz

The metal frame is resistant to harmful microorganisms and does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Previously, metal bunk beds had a significant weight, but now use hollow tubes and small parts for their construction. In a different state, such products are easier to transport, and in one - to move from place to place. The bed can include additional shelves, drawers, a built-in table, which makes the model more functional. Due to technically complex metal treatment processes, bunk beds are available in relatively limited forms, however, this is sufficient for the selection of suitable furniture. In addition, the base can always be supplemented with elements of panels and other materials. The metal has good thermal conductivity, so it will be hot on a sunny day. The predisposition to rust requires special care of the frame. It is recommended to treat it with special anti-corrosion agents from time to time.

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The exterior and design features of bunk beds vary from one manufacturer to another. Adult and children s models differ from each other in size, the presence of railings and protective elements. For younger family members, it is also recommended to choose additional fortified stairs. Price is another basic criterion by which beds are distinguished. You can find economy class products in the collection of brands, but for this, you must visit Craftatoz.

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