Console Tables

The console table is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that turns into a large dining table at the right time. A piece of furniture as a console first appeared in France during the reign of Louis XIV. Therefore, for many, consoles are associated with the sophisticated decoration of high-class salons and Renaissance palaces. But modern console tables have a stylish design and a superior design and are more related to the basic design element than museum exhibitions. Among the many options for tables, the console lacks attention. But it is a very good choice, harmoniously suited to a wide variety of interiors and styles. Console tables can add a variety of functions if you add them to a sliding mechanism. Browse the stylish and unique range of console tables online at Craftatoz

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Console Tables

Buy Wooden Console Table Online In India : Harmoniously Fits Into Any Interior

Furniture should be practical, convenient and multi functional for small apartments. In this situation, you can pay attention to models that can change their size according to the owner s needs. For a small area, a table-console transformer is suitable, which harmoniously fits into any interior and will perform multiple functions simultaneously. The folding pedestal has a simple structure, laconic design. When choosing, a folded and untold shape of the model should be taken into consideration. In addition to dimensions, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the transformation mechanism, to navigate the style of construction materials and products. Many console tables of the same technology and style are available online and you get the best quality console tables at very reasonable prices on Craftatoz.

Sheesham Wood Console Tables Available in The Many Design

Today, designers offer a wide range of simple and practical console models. The transforming console is a narrow table that can change its size at the right time. The tabletop can reach a length of two meters. Generally, the console is located near a blank wall or furniture.

Console Tables are Tecorative and Practical

The console table is a very original piece of furniture that can be used in all rooms without exception. For a long time, these tables have been used for both decorative and practical purposes. By using a console, you can fill the empty space and give your room a unique style. These elegant, but very functional pieces of furniture look equally good in hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. The console table can be made in various styles - from strict classics to bold moderns. According to its location, this furniture is divided into corners and walls. And according to the place it can be used in a very simple way.

Teak Wood Designer Console Table In The Hallway: As An Interior

The console table fits perfectly into the interior of any hallway. Since this item has a modest size and a small width, it can be placed under a mirror, picture or coat hanger. It is convenient to store phone books and stationery devices, keys etc. In addition, it is possible to place various decorative compositions on it: vases with flowers, sculptures, in this case, the table will play one of the elements of interior design.

In the bathroom: storage space

Weirdly enough, but the console table is used successfully in the bathroom. Here this piece of furniture with drawers serves as a place for storing toiletries and towels and can serve as a base for the built-in sink.

Console Table In The Bedroom: Elegant Simplicity

The rest of the elegant white console tables are most commonly used in rooms. They can play the role of a bedside table or become a piece of independent furniture, playing a decorative role. It is better to choose a model with a drawer, in which case it can be used as a dresser to store the table.

In the kitchen: save space

The console table "sounds great" in the kitchen. It may seem that such furniture is not applicable for small rooms. However, if you install this piece of furniture on an extra bracket, it will take up very little space and take the form of a comfortable tabletop attached to the wall. This is a good solution to set the table at the desired height, saving free space in a small room.

Console Table In The Living Room: Zoned Room

In some cases, the console table can serve as a visual accent when zoning a location. To do this, you need to install the furniture in the right place and arrange it for additional lighting, frames with photos and so forth.  Buyers can easily buy the right side table at Craftatoz

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