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The dining table set is one of the essential pieces of furniture for your home, and it doesn t matter whether you have a dining room or not. From the fact that you can install your dining table set within the living room or kitchen, your family will find it interesting when sharing a dinner. Therefore, you should think of buying a new wooden dining table set like those provided by the craftatoz brand.

On the other hand, you ll find more than one dining table brand. Knowing the buying guides can help you to make the right choice. For years now, online buyers have regretted their choices because they weren t informed at the time of their purchase. Furthermore, some online shops offer underrated products. That s why we have provided the best tips for choosing dining table sets. 

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dining table & sets

Dining Table Sets Buying Guide


The dining table exists in different materials, including grainy marble, galvanized metal, moulded plastic, glass, metal, and even wood. However, wooden dining tables have gained favour in many buyers eyes because of their sleek look. On the other hand, you need to be cautious whenever you choose wooden dining table sets because not all wood materials are similar. Choosing hardwood can be beneficial as they are durable, stable, and reliable.

Walnut, mahogany, oak, teak wood, maple, and Sheesham wood are the top wood choices for dining table sets. However, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) wood is cost-effective, reliable, and best for short term use. Don t be discouraged by dining table sets made of MDF wood, but opt for hardwood if you need a long-lasting solution.

Room Measurement

Before buying a dining table set, you must measure your room and not down the dimension. We are sure you don t need to make your dining room look sophisticated with no space. Additionally, you may buy a small dining table and chairs which won t fit perfectly in your room.

When taking your dinner, the family should enjoy the cosy look of your room, not being disturbed by the crappy look of the room. When you take measurements, consider leaving a 50-inch space that can let you walk around the dining table set when they have been put in place. 

Dining Table Shape

if we look at craftatoz dining table sets, you ll discover that they come in different styles and shapes. So, before buying a dining table set, know which design is ideal for your room. Therefore, when choosing your product, some general rules can help you make a perfect choice. Oval tables are suitable for smaller dining rooms as they will prevent the room from looking crowded.

On the other hand, people who have narrow dining rooms can use square dining table sets. Additionally, you can buy rectangular dining tables if you have long but narrow dining rooms. A round table is ideal for many homes, but it s not suitable if you have a small space. 


Chair Design, Size, And Number Of Seating Dining Table Set

The dining table set comes with a chair that fits your family perfectly. Therefore, you should pay attention to the kind of chair it comes with. If you need comfort, then you can also opt for chairs with padded seats and backrests. The chairs should be designed in a way that you can be comfortable when you are eating. If you have kids, choose seats that allow them to access the dining table. The feet should also be steady and skid-proof to protect your floor from scratches. Also, you should look at the number of seats if they fit your family. If not, you can order for addition or opt for a different dining table set with the number of seats you need. You can often find the best dining table set with 2-6 chairs, but you can also find more. 

Dining Table Set Finish & Quality

how do you want your dining room to look when equipped fully? Well, we want to have that in mind when choosing a dining table set. Look at the colour and finish of the dining table and chairs. There is a cosy colour that looks welcoming, but if you choose a shouting colour that doesn t rhyme with your interior decoration, the house may not look fabulous. A dining table with the best finish will allow easy cleaning efficiently. Don t opt for a table that wears out when exposed to water. 


based on the factor listed above, you can have the best shopping experience whenever you are buying dining table sets. Craftatoz dining table sets are the best on the maker, and you ll always find a unique one for your home. Finally, they offer free delivery, so you ll not incur extra shipping costs. 

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