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Many residents face such a problem as a small area of â??â??the apartment and inconvenient layout. This complicates the process of selection and placement of the furniture in the room. They solve this problem in various ways. A folding bed is usually installed in small rooms so that it can be taken away at any time and space can be vacated. We can fold the folding bed after use and make it stand on the wall. One of the most effective and convenient furniture options for a small room. This bed remains compact and comfortable to sleep in a day and can be used for other tasks after the space is empty. Craftatoz brought you a huge collection of folding beds of wood and metal.

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folding beds

Buy Folding Bed Online In India - Designed to Meet All The Needs

Small apartments, inability to buy a full bed, frequent arrival of guests - have led to the acquisition of compact and multi functional furniture under all these circumstances. Among such furniture, options is a folding bed, designed to meet all the needs and desires of customers. You can buy a folding bed online from Craftatoz. Here you will find folding beds ready in many categories and you can also customize these beds.

Features and Advantages of The Folding Bed Model

Some folding beds are also capable of doing two types of work. The first and main feature of the folding bed is a unique and organic combination of two functional pieces of furniture. When folded, it is a comfortable chair, not cluttering up space in the room - a comfortable place for a good sleep. Also, every detail is considered in the models of Craftatoz folding beds, which makes them an indispensable accessory to any home.

The main advantages of folding beds available on Craftatoz including:

Permanently high quality

The company paid special attention to this indicator from day one and special thanks to the designers and experts for these tasks. The company is able to take the lead in the global furniture market and will achieve its target.

Safety of Materials Used in the Construction of Structures Our Folding Bed

All of the furniture that Craftatoz provides is initially undergoing a series of laboratory tests, resulting in a certificate of compliance. Therefore, all materials - from frame to cover meet the required sanitary standards. Whenever you buy a folding bed from us, it will be according to your expectations.

Easy assembled

Easy assembly allows you to install the furniture yourself, that is, when you buy a folding bed from Craftatoz, you can easily install it yourself. Like any other furniture, folding beds are assembled directly on site. And thanks to our designer and expert for simplicity of design and clear instructions.

Even Cheaper Prices Folding Bed Available at Craftatoz

An opportunity to complete the model at its discretion. Keeping in mind the different tastes and health of the customers, the employees of the company took care of the presence of multiple options for each model presented at the company site. All models are compact and versatile. It also allows you to install in small rooms and combine them with almost any modern interior.

All the materials used to make the folding bed components available on Craftatoz are environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans. other than this:

Model frames are made of a hollow steel pipe from inside. The tops of these designs are covered with special epoxy powder. The steel gives the strength of the structure, and the inner cavity provides lightweight. Powder coating, in turn, protects the frame from deterioration, prolonging the life of the product. The credit for making light and strong folding beds goes to the designers and artisans of our company.

The folding bed is very beneficial for small and fewer space apartments but its main benefits are:

Lightweight: These folding beds are lightweight, giving you a place to sleep independently.

Mobility: The ability to rearrange and use products at any convenient location.

Density: When folded, they can be pushed into a small corner or behind a closet, or simply leaned against a wall, where they become nearly invisible and do not clutter the room.

Affordable price: Affordable prices make this type of bed the most budget option.

Buy Folding Bed Online at Craftatoz. On Craftatoz you can get the folding bed easily with a few clicks.
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