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Prayer unit or home temple is an essential furniture unit. Without a temple at home, every Indian home is incomplete. As per the Hindu conventions, it is the symbol of peace and hope. But in today├?┬ó??s time, houses are very small and they do not have that much space to build a prayer room. In this situation, the wooden temple is the best option. It comes with various designs and you can buy a prayer unit as per the interior of your house. Craft A to Z brings a beautiful range of prayers units that you can buy online. The wooden temple is a good way to make a small temple at home and worship the almighty. Browse the exquisite and elegant range of prayer units now!

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prayer units

Buy a Wooden Carved Puja Mandir (Temple) From Online Store Craftatoz

Prayer unit is considered as the pure place in the home and it gives your Gods an entitled place. It helps to add a positive vibe to the home. If you want to enhance these positive effects, then you can get the prayer unit of exceptional quality from Craftatoz. A wooden temple can be placed in different spaces of home such as the kitchen, living room, or behind the closed doors. When buying a temple for your home, be sure to keep a few things in minds such as size, material, design, and functionality. 

In Indian homes, an open temple unit is in trend due to the lack of space. If you want to place a prayer unit in the kitchen then you can choose the wall-mounted wooden temple. A portable prayer unit is the most budget-friendly option and it is very easy to move when required. It has one more feature that it comes with the storage boxes which allow you to keep pooja accessories in one place. There is a variety of prayer units available such as wall-mounted temples, open temples, and closed temples. 

Size of prayer unit

To store the items related to god, a carved puja mandir should be large enough for your prayers. But it should not happen that you choose a big prayer unit just to keep the stuff and then there is no place to keep it. The puja temple should comfortably fit in your living room or kitchen. If your home has not that much space to place a puja mandir then choose the wall-mounted wooden temple. 

Material and Design Of Wooden Temple

You can choose the material and design of the prayer unit according to your taste and interior of the home. Choose a finish and material that reflects your taste. There are so many designs of prayer units available on Craftatoz. You can go for the modern and sleek design of a prayer unit if your home has a modern or contemporary look. If your home has a traditional look then you can go for an ethnic style wooden temple. 


According to the functions of the prayer unit, you can choose the home temple. Before making the right choice of the prayer unit, decide how many shelves and drawers you need in the prayer unit. To display the pictures and idols, check enough surfaces. 

Choose Small Wooden(Temple ) Prayer Units for Lesser Space Homes

Small prayer units are perfect for homes that have less space. Prayer units with small cabinets not only help to save space but also add a stylish look to your home. Before buying the prayer unit, check the dimensions. A smaller prayer unit is a good choice for placing underneath a pooja shelf. They can also be used for additional storage. You can browse the stunning prayer units online at Craft A to Z and be sure to find the best piece of prayer unit

Why to buy a mandir from Craftatoz?

You can find a wide range of prayer units at Craftatoz that suit the uniqueness of your home. You can easily browse our beautiful collection of furniture and choose a prayer unit online that is perfect for you.  You will find a wooden temple online at very reasonable prices from Craftatoz. You can choose the best prayer unit from us because we assure you a high level of quality and design at very reasonable prices. At Craftatoz, you will easily scroll the fantastic collection of well- crafted prayer units

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