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Whenever a person buys a house or apartment for himself, he also takes into consideration the needs of his children. There are many furniture options available for children today. When the children s room is prepared, the furniture of that room is also bought keeping that in mind. There is a lot of furniture available in the children s furniture section, but the most important part is the kid bed. Furniture for the child should be chosen carefully and responsibly. Thus, the choice of an appropriate bed model will affect the level of comfort during the sleep of the kids. Fortunately, today s online stores sell a large number of different options that have different types of kids beds. There are so many designs of kids beds available at Craftatoz. Browse our stylish range of kids beds online now!

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kids beds

Buy Wooden Kids Bed Online In India: Unprecedented Comfort in The Children Room

Buying children s furniture as they wish, this is an opportunity for children to combine their personal desires and comfort parameters. The right choice of design will create unprecedented comfort in the room, ensuring an amazing rest and healthy sleep. Setting up a kids bed is a responsible task, for this, it is necessary to have a detailed view and take into account all the details. Hence the choice of appropriate colours, gamut, and palette, as well as the choice of such elements as children s furniture for kids is an essential measure to produce comfort and warmth. According to the comfort parameters, you can buy kids beds online very easily. 

Shop Metal Children Bed Online at Craftatoz

Of course, our company is able to withstand the thoughts of many children s adventures. Many people are disappointed with the high prices when buying a bed for kids. But our company is providing such beds at very low prices. But this should not happen, as cheap beds for children are not rare. Our company does not offer any worse quality than its more expensive partners. These beds are often made of wood and metal, which are cheap but durable with versatile properties. We also have many interesting solutions, such as beds with desks, drawers, and wardrobes.

We Have A Wide Collection Modern Kids Bed at Craftatoz

Such furature can be designed for single children, as well as for brothers and sisters of two or more children. Includes a bed with a lattice, a desk, a cupboard, and shelves. With all these accessories, a full room of children is prepared. This option is ideal for apartments or small interiors. If you prefer high-quality wood, you may be interested in a bed made of solid wood from Craftatoz, a collection of children s furniture that offers the flexibility of a possible arrangement.

Custom Solid Sheesham Wooden Online Store For Kids Bed

When selecting bed structures, regardless of their type, it is necessary to note that they are distinguished by safety, are environmentally friendly, can claim practicality and other features. At the same time, an important role in the design selection process comes at a price that should not be heavy on their pockets.

When siblings have to live in the same room, maximum attention should be paid to proper planning to furnish that room. Of course, the sex of siblings dictates various hobbies and leisure activities, miscellaneous toys and household items. Girls would prefer a dressing table, a separate wardrobe or a dresser in their rooms. Boys pay less attention to their own appearance and are often passionate about outdoor games and active pastimes. For parents, the main guide is the nature, age, and taste of each child. Based on these qualities, you can greatly increase the comfort level for each child. The designers and experts of our company help you with what kind of beds will suit the children s room. When our company comes to install these beds, you can also set up the beds in a customized way.

Depending on the material of the frame, the children bed can be of the following types:

Wood - the most preferred option for the child: environmentally friendly and safe, as long as it is carefully polished and does not add splinters.

Metal - Such models should be coated with anti-corrosion materials. They are made of steel, aluminium, and iron mesh.

Consolidated: In these structures, metal legs can be attached to wooden frames.

With plastic or glass inserts: these beds should be left for children, as plastic bends easily, and the glass can break if a younger person sleeps on these beds.

In addition, a bed for a kid can be in the form of a simple box or a wooden lamella with a solid base. For these beds, you must visit Craftatoz once.

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