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 Are you planning to buy a king-size bed for your bedroom?  Having a smaller bed doesn t mean that you need to lead a problematic life; instead, you ll lead a joyful and cosy life by simply replacing your old bed with a new king-size bed. If you do not have a bed that permits you to relax comfortably, you certainly got to invest some a part of your fortune in purchasing a king-size bed for your room from craftatoz and give yourself a luxury experience.

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king size beds

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Different styles of King size beds available online in India

A king-size bed is a piece of furniture within the house that s both spacious and classy, made to satisfy the people s wants using it. Our bed is styled using the best quality wood and is finished with perfection to amplify the inside of the space where it s placed. The extended look and the comfort that it provides are the fundamental reasons why it s considered to be the best piece of furniture for your home. We have different types of king size beds that are perfect for your preference. Each of them is large enough for you and your couple to sleep comfortably. It helps so you ll freely move on each side. This will allow you to have far better sleep and rest.

 California king size bed

 California kings also know because of the western king. This sort of bed is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. It s longer by 4 inches and narrower by 4 inches compared to a typical king bed. This mattress is ideal for people that cannot comfortably fit on a typical king. It s an equivalent size of flat sheet and comforter with the standard. However, it s a selected contour sheet to suit well on all sides.

 Standard King size bed

 The standard king is additionally referred to as the eastern king bed. It s the foremost common sort of king you ll find. This size frame features a length of 80 inches and a width of 76 inches, quite enough for both partners. This bed is as long because of the queen size bed, but it s only wider than 16 inches. Couples sleeping during this bed will each have an area of 38 inches. Enough to try your sleeping position.

 Split King size bed

 The split king bed is understood for its versatility. It s perfect to use during a guest room or a master s bedroom. The bed is often pulled back to form a separate bed. This is often useful for people who want to possess a separate bed. It also can be pushed back, so couples often employ it. This type of bed is meant with two extra-long twin mattresses. It measures 76-78 wide and 80 inches long, almost equivalent to a typical king.

 Different sorts of Luxurious sheesham wood king size bed


Our sorts of king size beds are right for various bedroom needs. Choose only the bed which will satisfy your requirements.


     Sophisticated to Luxurious


A king-size bed comes with a sort of options, starting from sophisticated to luxurious; therefore, allowing you to settle on the one that meets your expectations. You ll choose a bed that features a simple look or the one that seems like an upscale piece of luxury within the room. Choose the design that convinces you the foremost and blends with the inside of your bedroom.


     Added Storage Space


The additional few inches available during a king size bed compared to one and bed make it the only demanded piece of furniture for your home. The space for storing during this bed is often wont to store the things that are not in use. Choosing our bed means choosing extra space for storing your commodities.


     Suitable for all kinds of Interior


a king-size bed is the best piece of furniture installed in it. Considering that a bed is an intrinsic part of your home, you must choose the one that amplifies the inside with utmost perfection. Your desire to shop for a bed that s not only comfortable and spacious but also beautifies the inside of the space meets the proper destination with a king-size bed.


     Offers More Comfort


As humans, we tend to spend nearly one-third of our life either sleeping or getting to do so; therefore, enhancing the necessity of a bed that s exceptionally comfortable. A king-size bed not only offers a glamorous look to the inside of the house but also provides a place to remain.




Their beds are available within the market, but none of them is better than a king-size bed. This luxurious and classy bed costs slightly quite a bed, but once you check out its benefits, you ll realize that this bed is the perfect steal for your money.


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