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Buy King Bed Mattress Online in India - Soothing and Relaxing Sleep

Feel comfortable! Feel like a King with exquisite designer king size mattress from Craftatoz. The super comfy mattress allows you to drop easily and welcome a soothing and relaxing sleep. Available in several material and type options such as coir, foam, and spring. These mattresses offer ultimate comfort. The perfect king size mattress allows you to enjoy undisturbed sleep without touching your partner. This mattress is ideal for a couple and can easily accommodate a toddler too. The king size mattresses are available in various dimensions. Now bring home lux comfort and enjoy a sound sleep with our premium quality mattresses. You can check out other furniture product from Craftatoz, upholstered bed, single bed mattress online, sofa sets, 8 seater dining set, wall clock.

King Size Mattresses Online - View Best Collection in India

Mattresses that are a class apart It is essential for a person to get 7-8 hours of sound sleep in order to be fresh and active. Lack of sleep and discomfort can make you feel low, lethargic and take a toll on your energy as well. Many doctors also recommend changing of mattress if you suffer from a recurring problem of sleeplessness. We at Craftatoz take your sleep very seriously. We strive to bring some of the best mattress power packed with modern technology and great upholstery to offer you maximum comfort and great relaxation. Our King size mattress is apt for those who lure for space and prefers to stretch. Our king size mattresses are ergonomically designed to offer you undisrupted sleep with its memory foam technology.

King Size Mattress  Online - Comfort and Durable 

The king size mattress in India is essential for a person to have 7 or 8 hours of sound night sleep. This sleep-on king size mattress online is vital to perform productively in the activities the following day and to stay fresh throughout the working hours. Lack of proper comfort and sleep on the king bed mattress can make the individual feel sluggish and low throughout the day. On top of that, the absence of an excellent king mattress will take a toll on their energy levels as well. The majority of the doctors also suggest replacing an ordinary mattress with an online king size mattress India. Because a cheap mattress for king size bed will make the individual suffer from frequent trouble of sleeplessness. If the individuals are on a hunt for it, they should know that Craftatoz is the best brand for king size bed mattresses.

King Mattress Online - Welcome Wide Spaces!

Our superior range of king size mattress is apt for those looking out for wide spaces. These mattresses allow you to sleep spaciously. The pressure points in this mattress provide you with great relief and ensure you do not suffer from recurring backaches and body aches. The apt cushioning of king size mattresses promises sound sleep every night. The wide measure of the queen size mattress makes them exceptionally apt and allows you to sleep in the clouds of comfort across the maze of pillows and blankets. Craftatoz is the most trusted name for the mattress online in India. Our mattresses are made with ultimate perfection. Whether it is king size mattress, queen size or single mattress, we make sure the size of our mattress is apt. It is accommodating and ultra-comfortable.

The feel, comfort and genuineness of the product mattress us the most. And hence, all our products are quality tested. We ensure our products especially mattresses pass all the quality checks. We use top-notch quality foam and upholstery for crafting our mattress.

Best King Size Mattress India - For Better Sleep

The supreme variety of best king size mattress under 20000 are provided for individuals who are looking for a more expansive space, besides being spacious with 72″ X 85″. The super king size bed mattress also offers comfort with the vast area to move around even while sleeping with partners. King size bed dimensions in feet india can help the individuals with their body ache issues. The right amount of questioning in the king size mattress dimensions India gives the users the correct amount of support and guarantees 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep each night. The broader measure of the king-size pallets makes them feel like a cloud full of comfort alongside the blankets and cushions. Craftatoz is the most premium brand in India for Best mattress under 15000, 25000, 10000 online, whether it is affordable or high end. Because all the products are quality checked by professionals. Our mattresses not only have high endurance but they are aesthetically appealing as well. They give a smart appearance to your bedroom. The perfect size, modern design and contemporary look of our queen size and single size mattress are alluring. Now redefine your bedroom and add more comfort to it with the best range of mattresses online in India. To buy Furniture online, browse now!!

King Mattress Online - Quality First

At Craftatoz we give utmost attention to the quality of our products. Our team of experts strives to get the best in the industry to craft mattresses that are exceptionally beautiful and comfortable too. All our products undergo three-level testings to ensure all our quality standards are met optimally. Craftatoz assures quality in its each and every product. We use the best and standard material for creating our mattresses. Our mattresses are superior in quality and are reasonably priced as well.

King Size Mattress India - Plethora of Options

We focus on not only the quality of our products but the number of variations as well. We have the widest collection of king size mattresses online. Our mattresses are available in various material options such as coir, soft foam, cool gel, memory foam and much more. Each foam has its own distinct feature. You can choose the desired one based on your preferences. Our king size mattresses are packed with modern technology and give firm support to your back. Now no more worry about the backache with exclusive mattresses from Craftatoz.


Our mattresses are made from A grade material and comply with all the quality standards. They are sure to last long and provide you with great comfort for years and years. They are highly durable with a minimum shelf life of 10-15 years. All you need to is regular vacuuming and conditional flipping. The Hypno-allergic mattress does not let germs to harbour over it and keeps the mites away as well. These mattresses are apt for people prone to allergies.


Think about it! Get it! Craftatoz takes care of all your requirements. We offer you customized service by designing mattresses that meet all your requisites aptly. Our team of experts helps you to choose mattresses that meet all your expectations and preferences. The quilted smooth fabric and great finesse are sure to impress you with its beauty and grandeur. We have a premium range of furniture at Craftatoz wardrobes, wine rack , shoe rack, bookshelves , home temple and more Get in touch with us now!
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average price for a king size mattress?

Ans. What is the price of a king-sized mattress? Because of this, its impossible to get an excellent king-size mattress for under INR 4,000. More expensive luxury versions might cost up to and over 7000 INR. Crafatoz, on the other hand, has the finest king-size mattresses at a reasonable cost.

Q. Which king size mattress for long lasting in India?

Ans. Higher-priced mattresses dont always indicate that theyre better or longer-lasting; instead, its quite the opposite. Construction choices may impact how long your mattress lasts. Taller mattresses with more layers often last longer. Visit Craftatoz now for the most excellent long-lasting mattresses!

Q. Which type of mattress is best for sleeping?

Ans. To buy the greatest mattress, you dont have to spend a lot of money or go for the most cutting-edge brand. Both the mattresss components and the marketing that promotes it results in a hefty price tag. Forget about pricing and brand name when you are looking for a new mattress. Despite the absence of scientific evidence to back this claim, persons with certain medical conditions seem to sleep better on a particular mattress form.