Ladles and Spoons

Craftatoz introduces a magnificent collection of ladles and spoons for sale. The high-quality cutlery is available at a much-reduced price. Ladles and spoons are of primary need in a house. This is well understood by Craftatoz and came up with this sale. In fact, the cutlery that you choose is prime and is of the best use for your house. The longevity of these ladles and spoons makes you get interested in getting it for your house too. The incredible work of the workmen has given us the best cutlery available in the world. More importantly, the price is well reduced to reach every corner of the nation. The wide range of collections and incredible pricing makes Craftatoz the best in ladles and spoons online shopping. Browse our stylish collection of ladles and spoons now!

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Ladles and Spoons

Buy Wooden Ladle & Spoon Online In India: Suit Your Requirement

Cutlery for a house is inevitable. For cooking as well as eating, ladles and spoons play a vital part in everyday life. Craftatoz has come up with a magnificent collection of cutleries that can suit your requirement. There are many varieties made from a variety of materials. It depends on the requirement of yours that you can choose from the options available.

 Types of Spoons | Variety to Relish

If you are wondering where to get ladles and spoons online, it is Craftatoz. Not only because of the wide range of collections we have but also the quality factor matters a lot. The spoons are of different types, it is better to understand what they are so that it is easy for you to buy.


??        Serving Spoon: This is widely used in houses to serve food while sitting on the dining table. This is bigger and not used for eating.

??        Table Spoon: This spoon is the one we use for eating. It can be used to eat rice, curries and even soup.

??        Fruit Spoon: They are smaller compared to the tablespoon. Widely used to eat fruits and salad.

??        Tea Spoon: This is the spoon that we keep along with the cup and saucer while we serve coffee or tea. The primary use is to fix the sugar.

??        Dessert Spoon: They are small and cute spoons used to eat desserts. They are smaller than the tablespoons and there are 2 types in it. One is the shorter and the other is the longer one.

??        Baby Spoon: This spoon is used to feed the baby. This is smaller to fit into the baby?s mouth and safe too.


Loads of Ladles | The Main Cutlery

As we see, there are different types of spoons, while we go for shopping ladles and spoons online, we must also know what types of ladles are available.


??        Sauce Ladle: This ladle is highly used in Indian houses to serve curries and gravies. They are of different lengths and sizes. You are open to choose the one that suits your family.


??        Soup Ladle: This Ladle is primarily used for serving soup and gravy but is bigger than the sauce ladle.


??        Slotted Ladle: This is used to serve rice. This is the perfect ladle for the household as it is very handy and comes in different sizes.


Now, that we know how many types of ladles and spoons are available, it is also better to know what materials are made.


High-Class Materials | Long Life Assured

The materials used to make these ladles and spoons are wood, stainless steel and also glass. The more important factor is these materials are of high quality. This ensures that it stays longer and can withstand heat to a good extent. The hand-picked materials adorn your kitchen with beauty. These materials that are chosen, are meticulously planned to be light-weighted. This is for the prime reason to be making it easy to use at home.


The price of these ladles and spoons are incredibly low. The reasonable price factor is a major attractive aspect that you can bank on. Craftatoz is named for its customer satisfaction, not only that the price is low, but also the incredible staff shall offer you the best services.


Ladles and spoons are of essential need at home. It is also to be understood that any item that we buy must be qualified. Craftatoz ensures that the materials are the best and thereby the products are top-notch.

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