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A mirror is a helper without which it is impossible to imagine the life of any modern person. The mirror hanging on the wall is not only an item of decoration but also an important detail of everyday life. The mirror actually has magical properties. It can revive the interior, making it special. Mirrors in the frame or mirror frames are particularly popular. You can compare beautiful options in interior decoration and choose the product that would be best for the design of a particular room. An elegant mirror frame will be the final touch for any interior and decoration. On Craftatoz, you will find different types of mirrors, here you can also choose many mirror frames.

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mirror frames

Buy Wooden Designer  Mirror Frame Online In India-Classic Element of The Interior

A mirror frame and processing in a predefined shape is very helpful in producing the edges. Mirrors in the frame are a classic element of the interior, with floor models often installed on stands, wall fixings mounted on the wall with the help of special fixings. This category also includes desktop models primarily used for cosmetic procedures. Mounting mirrors are products with a frame on wheels, purchased for cupboards and clothing stores. There are many such models that you can get easily at Craftatoz.

Shop Online Solid Sheeham Wood Carved Mirror Frames From Craftatoz 

With the normal model, there are also coloured mirrors with the effect of toning. Apart from this, there are other basic effects that give a special charm to the reflective surface and this type of mirror frame also enhances the beauty of the room.It is no secret that proper lighting is the key to a beautiful and comfortable interior. Mirror light or light falling on the mirror is very important. It must necessarily be functional and aesthetic. At the present time, mirror frames with built-in lights can be found on the online platform or market, they are very convenient and practical, have a stylish and modern appearance. We understand the complexities of the application and the rules of choice. Our designers make this type of mirror frame in many designs and shapes.

Buy Decorative Wall Mirror Frame Online In India 

By installing such a product in the bathroom, you will no longer need to understand how to place lights near a mirror. Mirror and mirror frame with lights in the bathroom - it is convenient. With this, you can do all the necessary hygiene procedures comfortably. For example, it will be convenient for girls to take care of their skin and apply makeup.

Illuminated mirrors have several advantages, which are:

??     Small size, which saves free space.

??     Low weight, they are easy to transport freely.

??     There is a wide choice of different models of mirrors with lights of different sizes, shapes, and styles (different types of lamps can be used as lights).

??     They complement and underline the modern style of bathrooms.

??     Easy to use and easy to clean.

??     Easy to install.


A mirror is an analogy of a window that visually expands the space. In combination with a beautiful frame and light, it would become a stunning art item. Craftatoz experts help you to install a mirror frame with light.

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