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You must have believed that pictures have the ability to keep your memories fresh for years. The easiest way to enhance the beauty of any home is to pay attention to some small things of decoration. Photo frames are most useful in making this initiative a success. Decorating them on the walls not only gives the guests visiting the house a glimpse of your lifestyle and family, but they also add beauty to your home. The photo frame is that decoration item which is called the jewel of the interior. If you put the photo frame on an empty wall, then the wall starts to look full and also changes the look of the room. There are many photo frame options available on our website Crafts A to Z.

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photo frames

Buy Wooden Photo Frames Online in India- Give a Stylish Look Your Room

We often take photos to capture our memories so that we can make them a part of our life. We decorate these photos in our house with a photo frame, which not only enhances the beauty of the house but also keeps our old memories fresh, in which the photo frame plays a very important role. The photo frame hung on the wall gives the room an extra mood and its special type is accompanied by a very inspiring effect. There are many forms to bring a personalized photo frame to the wall. The hanger is the most popular, opting for grid hangers, where frames form a symmetrical arrangement, to achieve a great effect with clear shapes and styles.

 Select Crafted & Colorful Photo Frame from Our Unique Collection Online

Before you project your photo frame wall, you must first think about where you will place it. The ladder will be a proper location as well as the hallway. Empty walls in bedrooms or on sofas in living rooms are well-suited. Also, consider whether you want to hang coloured or black and white photos, and in what size they should be expressed. If the photos are framed, choose frames that match the style of the entire apartment.


There are countless ways to create a stylish and impressive photo frame wall. If you like order and symmetry, you can organize photos as a square. For example, if you have nine square pictures, arrange them in three rows and three columns so that they look arranged at the same distance. This can be a difficult task for you. This is not a very difficult task for Craftatoz experts and they can also arrange it according to the interior.


However, if you want to show your creativity and your personality, we recommend that you make the photo frames in an interesting shape and make a unique wall decoration. You can decorate them in the shape of the heart, this photo frame wall is eye-catching and will surely surprise your visitors. It is also a good idea to add photos in different shapes and sizes.


Wooden colourful photo frames

At all times, photos are placed in readymade photo frames purchased from outside. As time is changing, the thinking of a person is also changing, now before applying it to the photo frame, his frame also has to be differentiated. If the photo frames are decorated according to the furniture, then we can choose the attractive photo frame of the unique shape. If you wish, you can also colour these frames according to the colour of the room. You can buy photo frames of different designs online through Craftatoz.

Shop Embroidered Photo Frames Online In India

Embroidered photo frames are very popular today. If you want, you can colour the embroidered frame and put your family photographs in it. You can apply this photo in an embroidered frame by printing it on a cloth or getting it traced on some paper. These efforts will definitely give a new look to your home. Embroidered photo frames contribute significantly to any interior.


Bottle shaped photo frame

In today s time- the practise is to put photos in the bottle. Our company Craftatoz brings the bottle photo frame for you. Put stickers or photos inside these bottles and put pieces of gravel or coloured stones inside the bottle and put beads or brooch on its cap. Our designers do a lot of work to make your interior more luxurious.


Experts and designers at Craftatoz play with a variety of photo frame possibilities and create an amazing photo frame wall for the best memories.Our craftsman team expert in wall sheleves, jharokhas, mirror frame, wall clock , book stands, room partitions, magazine holders, table clocks, wall decor, home temples






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