Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
  • Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Rs 48399.00Rs 60000.00
Product Dimensions: Length (33.5 inches), Width (56.7 inches), Height (37.8 inches), Primary Material: Solid Wood, Subtype: eucalyptus wood, Subtype: Fabric | Finish : Matte, Loves to love you, baby! Refined and comfortable, the Minelli is like a warm hug, Vintage inspired, its tufted back and cushioned arms contribute to cosiness, Assembly Required, Warranty in Months: 12
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  • SKU: bs149
  • Finish: walnut Finish
  • Primary Material: solid wood
  • Secondary Material: fabric
  • Dimension: H 33 ✕ W 56 ✕ L 37 (inch)
  • Est. Delivery: 25 Days
  • This Avinor Love seat is made of solid wood. All wood products, go through an intense 3-step treatment for any termites, borers and pests The wood used in the furniture is perfectly seasoned for optimum moisture content, to reduce the possibility of seasonal expansion or contraction of the products.
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Product Overview

Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Designer made

Our furniture is a perfect m´┐Żlange of class, style, and opulence. They are designed by some of the best designers and are crafted with perfection. Bring home our stylish and elite sofas and give your home an elated and enthralling appearance.

Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Superior quality upholstery

Our furniture is fabricated with some of the best and smart upholstery as well as fabrics that come with the promise of ultimate luxury and comfort. Now, be comfortable and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones with ease

Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Quality class apart

Our products are crafted with some of the best quality standard wood and offer you great comfort. The premium looking fixtures comes with an assurance of quality, sophisticated looks, and sheer elegance. Our products are surely a seamless match for all styles of interiors.

Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)
Give it a personal touch

Give wings to your creativity and touch the new horizons of style and comfort with our bespoke sofas tailor made to suit your needs. Your idea our execution is the dictum of Crafts A to Z. Customize your furniture as you desire and add give your home a stunning appearance.

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6 reviews and ratings

  • 5

    I?m actually really impressed with how well this slipcover fits my couch! I read a lot of reviews before purchasing and did measure to make sure it would fit.

    By Neha gupta ,  Verified Buyer Feb 2022

  • 5

    The color, size, softness and washability were fine. But I bought these covers to use when we do not have company coming and then when we have guests, planned to remove them and show off my new furniture. BIG MISTAKE! The back side of the cover left big pilly crap all over my loveseat and sofa and it took me about three hours to vacuum it up. Vacuuming really didnt work, mor did a lint brush so I had to take pieces of duct tape and run them all over the furniture to pick up the pills.

    By Reha ,  Verified Buyer Feb 2022

  • 5

    I was surprised to discover how this transformed a couch. Cover is stretchy so even tho it looked small, it amazingly fit well with minimal wrinkles. Someone actually asked if I got a new couch.

    By Sawati ,  Verified Buyer Feb 2022

  • 5

    This definitely served the purpose of covering and old couch we got from some family. It is very snug if you tuck it just right but I did bust a whole sweat getting it on. Once I got it on I thought.... Why didnt I steam it first? Oh well, its wrinkled a bit but still enhances the look of the room

    By Sanjay garg ,  Verified Buyer Feb 2022

  • 5

    Avinor Loveseat ,love seats 2 seater sofa (Colour : Indigo Patch Work)

    By Sumit ,  Verified Buyer Feb 2022

  • 5

    Good product amazing furniture very nice very beautiful very comfortable nice colour affordable price very very very very very nice

    By Vaishnavi Anasane,  Verified Buyer Mon, 16 Aug 2021 12:50 PM