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The queen size bed is longer and wider than the double bed. The queen size bed is standardized at 80 x 60 inches. This means that it is 203 x 152 centimetres. Of course, these standards vary slightly from region to region and the unit of measurement also varies. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that in Britain and Ireland, queen size is known as the king size. The queen size bed is generally preferred because of the couples that they lie comfortably close enough. The queen size beds are fit very well in the master bedroom or in the guest room of the house. Queen size beds are one of the best and cheapest options you can find at Craftatoz. Check out our exquisite range of queen size beds online now!

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queen size beds

Buy Sheesham Wood Queen Size Beds Online In India-Superior Design & Features

Due to its large size, the queen bed is equipped with a centre leg. The queen size beds fit well in the larger rooms of the house, especially in the guest room and master bedroom. It is sure that two adults can rest comfortably in a queen-size bed. The queen size bed is one of the most important furniture in homes, which is associated with relaxation. As such, people often show great concern over their design. Bed size is an important factor in design. Queen size beds in different sizes are available at Craftatoz, but before choosing one, you should be aware of the availability of space in the home. Our experts help you in this task and you can also find customized queen size beds here. In today s time, there are so many options for queen size beds that you can buy them online.

Shop Custom solid Teak Wooden Queen Size Bed - Dream for Every Home

Base and upholstery materials

Queen size beds are made of different materials. This is the criterion that has a greater impact on the cost of bedroom furniture. The most expensive and high-quality models are considered solid wood. The large wooden queen size bed is distinguished by its expensive and luxurious design, with its full appearance, which displays the excellent taste of the homeowners. Often, furniture is made of such species as beech, oak, heavy, alder or maple. These materials are very durable and environmentally friendly. Wood furniture is versatile, as it looks organic in many settings. The surface of the furniture should be periodically treated with special types, which will help protect the material from drying, cracks and the occurrence of wood parasites.


Engineering Wood & MDF Queen Size Are Available at Craftatoz

Some experts consider a queen size bed made of chipboard or MDF as economical. The presence of these models may not produce the artificial origin of the material, but their performance characteristics have been less measured than natural wood in many respects. The service life of MDF and particleboard is much shorter than that of natural alternatives. They are subject to mechanical damage, therefore, must be treated with care. 

It is noteworthy that under certain conditions the interior of cheap chipboards can produce harmful substances. This is because this material is used in the process of manufacturing formaldehyde resins. These compounds have a negative effect on the human body. So any furniture you get on Craft A to Z is environment friendly as well as cheap which you can easily afford. The queen size bed with storage facility available on Craftatoz. If some customers want to buy queen size beds without storage, then our experts and designers also provide these types of beds.

Buy Metal Queen size bed Online India with Craftatoz

Metal queen size bed

The strength and durability of a queen size bed increase when it is made of metal. Such furniture is not damaged by temperature fluctuations or mechanical damage. Its appearance is original and very attractive. But if you decide to buy such a model, then you should keep in mind that it will not look organic in all ensembles. For example, it is not suitable at all for decoration in the style of Classic, Provence or Country. Products with metal parts will most harmoniously fit a more modern and progressive bedroom. And our experts provide products according to your bedroom. It is recommended to choose products with a strong base. Such designs feature a solid iron frame and slightly curved shaped wooden slats. On such a basis you can insert a large orthopaedic mattress. They can easily withstand heavy loads and are not subject to breakage. Queen size beds can be purchased online at Craftatoz. You will get complete inclusion in the beds made by us and it will enhance the elegance of your bedroom.

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