Return & Refund

At CraftAtoZ, we keep customer satisfaction at the top while doing business. We understand your world very well and try to resolve any sort of query or will try to answer your question as early as possible.

However, if you are not satisfied with our product or services, you have the rights to get a full or partial refund for your purchased product. To avoid any hassle during the refund or return process, we request you to read the refund and return policy carefully as given below.

1) We put the return and refund information on the product feature page. Each product has distinct product return information with the day mentioned on it. Our return policy ranges from 10 to 15 days, which might be different for some product based on the price and availability of the product. The customer is requested to read the product details carefully and place the order accordingly.

2) Any purchase product return as per the return policy or the given duration will be considered for the return or refund of the money. If the customer fails to deliver the product in the given time will not be considered or entertain for any type of refund. CraftAtoZ has rights of rejecting the refund query in such circumstance where the customer has not to provide required details, the product return days are past, or customer is trying to get the return for unanswered questions.

3) The customer has to convey the message in the given time to our customer support team via email or call to record the return request. An only genuine email which is used during the registration on our website will be considered and noted for the return of the product.

4) Each product has different return and refund policy. Hence, it is advisable to the customer to read the policy carefully to avoid any sort of confusion and make the process easy.

5) Return and Refund policy have two different meanings. Return of the product sometime considered as the replacement of the product. And in the case of Refund partial or full refund will be allocated to the buyer. Kindly read both the policy carefully.

6) For any clarification on the return and refund policy customer can contact our customer support team before purchase. Our team will help you to understand the policy and guide you to choose the best furniture options from our website as per your need.