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Design your romantic house in Shimla

As a queen of hill stations, Shimla and its surrounding places never fail to amaze with their breathtaking beauty. Renowned for its snow-covered mountains, breathtaking lakes, pleasant climate, and lush greenery, Shimla has it all. Shimla has this magic in the air that makes everyone fall in love with it. Theres so much to see and do in Shimla, that its one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. As Shimla grows, so are its new habitats. Thus, the exquisite environment is prompting aesthetic beauty in each corner of the city; why then should your house remain unchanged? Spread the magic of Shimlas romantic weather upon your home decor as well.

Fill romance in your decor

Shimlas romantic atmosphere encourages many of us to indulge in all things romantic. Its not only an excuse to show our partners a little love, but its also a great excuse to show our homes a little love as well. To spread the fragrance of love in your home, Craftatoz provides some romantic furniture collections on a budget.
A romantic setting does not have to be costly or time-consuming, and these simple changes can help to improve your homes interior design all year round. Craftatoz offers a few simple tips to decorate your home with a touch of romance.
  • Lights set the perfect ambience: The right lighting can set the tone for any space, but it is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. In addition to candles, there are some other, more permanent lighting solutions that can effortlessly create ambience. Electric lights can be dimmed easily with dimmer switches, which give people greater control over their rooms lighting. A dimmer can not only provide mood lighting but also allow you to adjust the lighting levels to suit whatever activity you may be doing, whether it be reading, watching a film or relaxing. With paper shades for table lamps, you can achieve similar results without having to install a dimmer. Craftatoz offers it all. Whether you want an aesthetic candle stand or the perfect dimmers, we can provide it.
  • Display Red, display love
  • Every romantic occasion features red, the universal colour of love. Moreover, it is also a major trend in interior design, and when done correctly, it can look stunning. If you only add a little bit of red to the decor, it will make a big impression. To add an accent colour to rooms finished in understated shades, paint a statement wall in warm, autumnal shades of red or choose colourful soft furnishings. You can find all the information you need on Craftatoz. Make your bedroom more beautiful with these beautiful accessories. Even if you do not find anything in red, or the colour you look for, call Craftatoz and its done.
  • More comfortable and cosier: The home you live in reflects your taste in style, but it also provides you with a place to relax and unwind. Despite its attractive aesthetics, if you ca not sit comfortably on your sofa, will you enjoy it? A soft throw or cushion can make any chair, sofa, or bed look more inviting. Additionally, they are also one of the most convenient ways to accessorize your room. You can bring a pop of colour into your bedroom or living room with these little extras that tie in the whole design scheme. Check out the sofa and cushion section of the Craftatoz Shimla website to get the perfect combination of comfort, style, and ambience.
  • Refresh the aroma: Its not just about how your home looks when you decorate it. Remember to take your other senses into account as well. Even if youre buying beautiful flowers and perfume, those welcoming scents are nice all year round. Select the aesthetic flower vase options from Craftatoz to make them stay during the romantic mood. And do not stop blooming.
  • A nostalgic gallery: You can decorate your home with reminders of your loved ones, whether they are your partner, children, friends, or even your pet. Your home will feel more unique and welcoming by framing photos of holidays and special occasions. Incorporate all those memories with style by using gallery walls as a decorative trend. Take it one step further by hanging a canvas with a family portrait, wedding photos, or even your fluffy friends picture. Its all about celebrating whats important to you. With Craftatoz, you can find many different styles of photo frames. While some frames are in the form of a stand, others are wall hanging.
  • Craftatoz is a place that will not only give you the perfect furniture but can customize your environment as well. With a variety of furniture for different moods, try out Craftatoz in Shimla, and fall in love...with us also!