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Enhance the look of your homes with amazing sofa covers found online or even from the furniture store. The bright and warm colours can change the look of your living rooms. Maintaining a beautiful home can turn out to be tedious at times. Sofa covers take your living rooms to another level. At Craftatoz, one can find modern and elegant sofa covers and unique designs to choose from. Choose Sofa covers matching with the height and size of furniture and also select the ones matching with the colour of walls. Finding Sofa Covers online has become very easy with various websites selling from different brands and sizes. The sofa covers found today are easy to wash and feel very light and comfortable. Browse our wide collection of Sofa covers online Today!

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sofa covers

Buy Cotton Sofa Covers Online India -Keep Safe Your Sofas

Sofa covers, cover the entire sofa and give a new definition to its look. They come in a variety of themes and designs suitable for living rooms. Sofa covers are considered to be must-haves in homes for their additional speciality and innovation.

  1. Cushion covers are Decorative

Sofa cover changes the look of the entire home. Buying themed sets for your living room has become a trend and when you are bored with the same look, you can swap it with anything unique and creative. The cushion covers can make old furniture look new alike without buying any new furniture. Craftatoz provides various decorative cushions and sofa covers. We deal with various colours and themes. 


  1. Blend with mismatched furniture

Sometimes the furniture that you buy might be from the thrift stores which are given as gifts from family members. This might lead to mismatching furniture which awkwardly disturbs the entire decorum of the living room. Sofa cover helps to coordinate with any mismatched furniture and blend it seamlessly. 


  1. Selection of a Proper Sofa Covers Online

Before choosing a sofa cover, the colour plays an important part. The colour should match with the rest of the furniture. The size of the sofa cover should appropriately match the furniture. The cover should fit the furniture properly so that the contours are prominent. Ensure that the materials used are soft and comfortable. Try to avoid the parachute materials on the sofa, as it can spoil the look of the rooms. Choose the sofa cover as per the budget. Craftatoz provides sofa covers of varied budgets. 


  1. Choose of fabric weight

Not all types of sofa covers are suitable for every type of furniture. It is best to avoid any kind of heavy fabrics like chenille and velvets as they are difficult to adapt to chairs or furniture. Choose fabrics that are custom made and look structured. The fabrics should be medium weight to fit with the furniture properly.


  1. Considering of details

Details like welting can be very attractive to feature on a sofa cover. You can buy welting for your covers or get them custom made or even make it yourself. Decide if you want self-welting or contrast welting cover for your sofa. Contrast welting helps to draw attention to the lines of the chair or sofa. Braids, buttons, and fringes are some designs that can be used on sofa covers.


  1. Choosing a look

Slipcovers come in many different looks differing from the loose and the flowing ones to highly tailored ones. Decide on the specific look that fits the room. You can choose a chic look or even a casual and relaxed look for casual effects. The tailored look fits the lines of the sofa perfectly for an even formal look.


  1. Consider for the cosmetic change only

Sofa covers might change the look of the furniture but the underlying change in the furniture cannot be changed. If the sofa is lumpy or springs are sticking out from the sofa, getting new sofa covers will not drastically change the furniture or make it comfortable. A sofa cover is a cosmetic change but if your furniture is falling apart, then wasting money on sofa covers will not help. 


You can buy multiple patterns on sofa covers and change the look of your house any time you prefer. Craftatoz is offering a wide range of sofa covers with customization so you can buy sofa covers online very easily. Create a statement with these sofa covers!

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