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The Top-Notch Quality Sofa Cum Beds Available at Our Online Store!!

If you are looking for furniture which occupies less space from your home, then a sofa cum bed is the only furniture item which you should choose. Sofa cum beds are the most elegant furniture item and functional too. They are ideal for making your living room more gorgeous and wonderful. We at Craftatoz offer the best variety of sofa cum beds like contemporary style, modern style, tropical style, traditional style etc. Sofa cum bed is regarded as the best alternative to our regular sofa and beds. If your regular sofa is very small to accommodate more guests then you should buy a sofa cum bed for your home. 

The Designer Sofa Cum Bed in Mumbai

Make the optimum utilization of your space and add more extravagance to your living room with the premium range of sofa cum beds in Mumbai. Craftatoz presents to you some of the best variety of sofa online our sofa cum bed are made from the best quality material. They are easy to handle and are robust. At Craftatoz, we strive to update ourselves with the latest happenings in the industry. We aim to introduce products that are distinctive and elegant. Our sofa cum bed in Pune is a perfect combination of grace and eternity. They are timeless and unique. 

Our Sofa online is available in various dimensions such as 3 seater sofa cum bed, 4 seater sofa cum bed, 5 seater sofa cum bed and much more. We also have recliners, L shaped sofa cum bed, and loungers. At Craftatoz, we envision continually update our product list. And, include products that are in trend, stylish as well as modular.Apart from aesthetic appearance, we also focus on the utility and durability of our sofas. Therefore, our sofa is crafted with superior precision. They offer the ultimate comfort and are sturdy. Our sofa online comes with a promise of longevity and endurance.

Add More Comfort to Your Premises with the Best Sofa Cum Bed 


Sofa cum beds are a great option for modern urban living spaces. They are modular and a great space saver. Sofa cum bed wood is compact and sturdy. Their distinct style gives an archetypal look to your premise and maximizes its beauty. Craftatoz has the best range of wooden sofa cum bed designs. Our wooden sofa cum bed is a great fusion of style and comfort. Their superior aesthetic appearance along with their easy mechanism makes them an ideal choice for designer homes.The sofa cum bed wooden art Craftatoz are crafted using top-rated quality solid wood. They are robust and have high endurance. These sofa cum bed wooden are maintenance-free. The folding sofa cum bed price at Craftatoz is the most competitive. 

Now no more searching for a sofa cum bed near me, we are your perfect destination for all your furniture needs. View our exclusive collection of sofa cum bed wooden now! For an exclusive sofa cum bed in Mumbai, browse now!

A Storage Saver Option with Sofa Cum Beds at Craftatoz

 Nowadays homes which are being built by builders offer small or medium-sized rooms and halls. Which arises the need of buying a sofa cum bed set for your home. Sofa cum beds are not only the storage saver option but are also very cost-effective. If you have a lot of guests arriving at your home suddenly and if you have a sofa cum bed, then you will not worry about accommodating them for a longer time. It s multifunctional furniture which can be transformed into an inventory type of home whether apartment, townhouse, single-family home and others. With a sofa cum bed you can enjoy and be able to sit, sleep and relax comfortably. The sofa cum bed made of best quality teak wood and sheesham wood in Craftatoz manufacturing unit.We always care

Shop Different Types Of Sofa Cum Beds Online in India -Craftatoz

Sofa cum bed is also known as the couches for the living room. With a sofa cum bed it s very easy to convert a living room to bedroom or sleeping room. There are various types of sofa cum beds available with us at Craftatoz. All the sofa cum beds offered by us provide utmost comfort, space and transformation.

     Futons - Futons are termed as the simplest, no-frill interpretations of a sofa cum bed. This type of wooden sofa cum bed is solely made with metal and wooden frames. Futons sofa cum bed has a solitary cushion which is made over a wooden or metal frame. If you are living in an apartment then futons sofa cum bed is a great choice. Amongst all the types of futons sofa cum bed, blindfold sofa cum bed is the most common type. A futon can be folded and unfolded. If folded, it can be made a sofa and if unfolded, you can lay and sleep on it.

 At Craftatoz, You Gan Get a Best-Designed Teak Wood Sofa Cum Bed for Your Apartment.

     Pull out sofa cum bed - If you want to purchase a pull out sofa cum bed then you can get various designs and types of it. Most customers and people choose the pull-out sofa cum bed. Pull out sofa cum bed is very comfortable and comes in various sizes like full-sized, King or queen-sized and more. It offers a very simple mechanism to work on. To make it a bed, the top cushion is removed and can be placed aside. Then the bed will be pulled out and can be flipped forward. 

 If You Are Looking For The Guaranteed and Affordable Pull out Sofa Cum Bed, Then Craftatoz Is The Best.

     Sleeper sofa - Just like a futon sofa cum bed, the sleeper is also the same but it does not have a hinge. With a sleeper sofa, you can also remove the back seat and can make it flat just like your bed. But it will be huge in space and size than a normal bed. It s the best space saver option which you can also keep in your bed as well as a living room. This sleeper sofa can also be transformed into a queen or king-sized bed.

 As There Are Various Designs and Materials are Used in the Deeper Fabric Sofa Cum Bed and All Can be Available at Craftatoz.

     Drawer sofa bed - This sofa cum bed is the best storage saver as at first, you can keep it as a sofa and as per your requirement, you can open your second seat. It is just like a drawer. For once it will not use much storage or space in your living room or bedroom. It can accommodate more than 2 persons. We from Craftatoz, you can also get this drawer sofa bed at very low prices with a guarantee period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the online sofa cum bed sturdy and durable by Craftatoz?

Ans. Sofa cum beds come in multiple materials, and if you go with a wooden sofa cum bed, they will go perfectly with any décor. And Wooden sofa cum beds are sturdy, safe, and durable. Sofa cum beds are a perfect space-saving option and come in either pull-out style or convertible style

Q. Where can you find top-notch quality sofa cum beds in India?

Ans. One can very easily find safe, sturdy, and durable sofa cum beds on Craftatoz. They provide you with sofa cum beds in multiple styles made with the best wood and best upholstery. You can surely find your perfect sofa cum bed for yourself in your budget.

Q. Is it comfortable to sleep on a sofa cum bed?

Ans. You can comfortably sleep on a sofa cum bed. The mattress structure and mechanism provide you with the required comfort. However, it may feel a bit less cost than your bed, but a sofa cum bed can perfectly serve as an alternative to your bed sometimes.

Q. What are the different types of sofa cum bed online?

Ans. Sofa cum beds come in a variety of types. They can be pulled over sofa cum beds or convertible sofa cum beds. Apart from the structure, they come in different materials like wooden sofa cum bed, leather sofa cum bed, fabric sofa cum bed.

Q. What type of materials are used for sofas cum beds?

Ans. Most sofa cum bed made by sheesham wood at Craftatoz we also used metal to make the main structure of the sofa cum bed. All come with a mattress. Always strong materials are used to make sofa cum bed.

Q. What is the thickness of a sofa bed mattress?

Ans. The thickness of the sofa cum bed mattress is around 5 inches. The thickness can be customized if required. But a much thicker mattress can cause back pain