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Buy Soup Spoon Online In India

A soup spoon is a big, rounded bowl-shaped spoon when eating semi-liquid or liquid-based foods like soup. Small wooden soup spoons come in a variety of forms to suit a variety of culinary needs. Soup spoon set may be used to eat soup or to serve it to others. Commercial soup spoon sets may include spoons of the same kind but in varying sizes to accommodate a variety of soup preparations. Buy wooden soup spoons online from Craftatoz.

Suitable for all kitchens, Chinese type Soup spoon size style is made of ceramic and has a flat bottom. The soup spoon wooden size may range from a standard one up to a giant platter-sized one. This soup spoon set includes twelve Asian-style soup spoons, which are typically white and constructed of high-quality porcelain. Buy soup spoon online from Craftatoz. 

Wooden Soup Spoon (Pack of 3) - Natural - Organic - Hand Made It is a beautiful hand made a masterpiece that comes in a set of 3 at a very budgeted price after discount. It is available in an amazing stone finish with a dimension of 1 X 5 X13 (cm). These are 100% biodegradable and organic. These spoons are very easy to use and have a unique look providing an extra zeal to the kitchen decor.

Buy the top-notch quality Soup Spoons online at Craftatoz

Spoons are as old as knives and came into existence during the prehistoric time. Keeping in mind the new sustainable and healthy way of life, a small change in habit can help us, in the long run, to support the next generations. Therefore, Sheesham has been carved into a beautiful looking soup spoon that can be used in your kitchen, as a very useful, eco-friendly alternative for the traditional materials. It is easy to wash and does not let oil and grease sit on them.

As wood is a bad conductor of heat, it is safe to eat. As you would not burn your lips while eating hot food. When you buy this spoon you are not only revamping your kitchen, but it also supports the livelihood of native artisans.

Different Types of Soups Spoon Available Online at Our Store:

Craftatoz offers several types of wooden spoons available that come in various sizes, quantities, and utilities. For cooking, wooden spoons are generally preferred because of their versatility and are preferred to use because while preparing food they do not transfer heat as much as metal spoons. Unlike metal spoons, they are safe to use without scratching non-stick pans.


Wooden Healthy and Safe All-Natural Soup Spoon

This soup spoon is available in a classy walnut and honey finish colour, adding more glamour to your kitchen cutlery. The primary material used is Sheesham wood. It is a lightweight spoon with a measurement of 51g. Its dimension is (7.3 X 1.8 X 0.6) Inches. It is available in sets of two. It is crafted with perfection by some of the most skilled designers and adds class, style, and magnificence to your dinner table.


Wooden 6 PCS Small Soup Spoons Serving Spoons Wooden Teaspoon for Coffee Tea Jam Bath Salts

These beautiful spoons are available in sets of 6 and are unique serving spoons carved out of Sheesham wood. They are available in the stone finish giving it an edgy look. These spoons are 5 inches in length, and the spoon head is 1.25 Inches. They are very stylish and appealing, and they are easy to use. These spoons come with a warranty of 12 months against manufacturing defects.


Wooden Soup Spoon

The Craftatoz spoons are excellent serving spoons that provide a dynamic and extravagant look to your kitchen and dining table. They are available in rich brown colour and have a length of 28.5 cm. They come in sets of two and are available at a very budget-friendly price. These spoons have an estimated delivery of 10 days.


Wooden Ghee, Soup, Daal Spoon for Kitchen/Wooden Spatula

This stone finished wooden spatula is very convenient to use for soup, ghee, and daal. The only thing to be considered is that it should not be exposed to boiling water as it will damage the spoon. It is available as a single item and has a dimension of 13 X 13 X 20 cm. It has an estimated delivery time of 10 days.


Wooden Spoon Kitchen Cooking Utensil Tool Soup Teaspoon Catering

These spoons come in a set of two with a fork and spoon. It is ideal for serving salads, pasta, and noodles. They have a very attractive honey finish with a black holding in the handle providing an additional grip during serving. The spoons are 23 cm in length and have a shape size of 3cm. 

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All the above-listed spoons are budget-friendly and come with a 12 months warranty on manufacturing defects. They are easy to order and provide a hassle-free delivery with an estimated period of 20 days. The first-time delivery is free with a minimum charge on further delivery attempts. These spoons provide a very sleek and stylish look to your kitchen and are very safe and environment friendly.


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