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Boxed furniture with a lid and the furniture used for storage is called a storage chest. This furniture is usually large and sturdy. This furniture mainly comes with drawers. Bedrooms are a special room in any home, varying in functionality and hospitality, which depend mainly on furnishings. Often part of the bedroom is a storage chest, which allows the room to have a large view as it gets rid of many things. It is a stylish accessory to the bedroom, which differs in design, dimensions, spaciousness, and functionality. These factors determine the relevance of a particular product to the bedroom. These are several pieces of furniture that are combined into one: a chest of drawers can look like a normal storage chest. Craftatoz is providing a variety of storage chests for you.

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storage chests

Buy Wooden Storage Chest Online In India: A Distinctive Feature of Its Design

By putting a chest of drawers or storage chest in the bedroom, you can not only simplify your life with comfortable furniture but also please fashion. A storage chest is a piece of furniture to store clothing, linen, and other things. A distinctive feature of its design is the drawers. Some people prefer to refuse storage chests, as they need to allocate a lot of space to the room. However, they have many properties and are therefore still popular. You can buy storage chests online from Craftatoz.

Shop A Wide Range Of Sheesham Wood Storage Chest Online

It is convenient to store bed sheets, pillows, and other items in closed boxes and storage chests that will not be covered by feathers, interfering with the closet for clothes. In addition, departments can be equipped with additional partitions or shelves for jewellery, cosmetics. With the help of this piece of furniture, it is convenient to keep everything in its place. 

The drawer chest or storage chest saves space as it can replace any other furniture. You can put a TV or music system on it. Hanging a mirror over it, you can create a convenient place to organize yourself and apply makeup.

The Design is Varied by Processing Of Solid Wood Storage Chest

The storage chest plays not only a functional role but also a decorative one. There are many models made in different styles as is the case with other furniture. The design is varied by processing- for example, covering the surface with glitter.

This item can also become the main decoration of the bedroom or complement the existing kit. Other decorative elements are placed on storage chests - for example, photographs, flowers and plants, and sculptures. Experts of our company help you in choosing the right model.

There Are Several Main Types of Storage Chests:

  • The model has a classic design with drawers.

  • The chest of drawers, whose doors are falling apart, reveal views of the shelves.

  • Combined, that shows itself with drawers, sliding doors.

  • A storage chest in which table design is an important workplace.

  • Chest of drawers whose portion is reserved for small drawers.

  • With a large compartment under the pillow and blanket space.

Traditionally, drawer models can be divided based on the style in which they are made. It is influenced by the overall design, method of finishing, and decoration. For example, hard lines indicate the direction of minimalism, and the shiny surface is high-tech. Classic storage chests can have beautiful legs with threads or gold trim. This type of furniture is often covered with wood and white or coloured paint while some models have antique processing. You get antique and high-tech storage chests on Craftatoz.

In general, various techniques can be used for decoration and fashion: carving in very expensive models, drawing, inlaying with stones, or crystals. Storage chests allow you to visually correct the proportions of the bedroom. If the roof is low, you should keep a high, but a narrow model. A chest of drawers should be placed there in the presence of an empty corner and space. So the interior will look complete without failures.

The approximate location under the chest should be measured, not forgetting the distance in front of it. It should be kept in mind that the boxes will be enlarged, meaning there should be free space.

Space can accommodate not only the drawers but also its colours. Visually, this type of furniture can make a room more spacious, comfortable, and bright. This is especially useful in bedrooms where there is little natural light or a monotonous setting. You can buy a versatile range of storage chests online from Craftatoz. We also offer customization of every furniture unit.

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