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Best Study Lamps Available online in India Light Is a Significant Part of The Workspace.

Finding the right lighting for your study or office table is equally important as getting the ideal desk or chair. It is a common myth that you could damage your eyes while studying or working under dim light, but it is not true. Study lamps are called task lights because they are used for highly focused activities like reading, working, or writing. The light from the wooden study lamps are highly focused. A good study lamp can save you from eye strain and headaches while working. If you are looking for the best study lamps online, then Craftatoz is your halt. We have a variety of study lamps in several designs, materials, sizes, and shapes.

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study lamps

Different classy types of study lamps available at our online store

Craftatoz is one of the few experienced companies to provide the best quality study lamps that are available online, wooden lightning lamps are preferred by most of the population. As wood is a poor conductor of electricity. Unlike other materials, wooden study lamps are safe to use amidst children.

Buy Pinewood Wooden Study Table Lamp Online In India from Craftatoz

The primary and only material of the study lamp is 100 per cent pinewood with a honey finish. The dimensions of the lamp are 34 x 24 x 24 (cm) which is height, width, and length respectively.  

This premium quality study lamp comes with a pen and card or phone stand attached to the base. The design and finish of the lamp are handcrafted with the finest quality material.  

Plywood Table Top Study Lamp Multi-Angle Wooden Lamp for Office and Living Room 

The primary and only material of the study lamp is 100 per cent pinewood with a honey finish. The dimensions of the lamp are 34 x 24 x 24 (cm) which is height, width, and length respectively.  

The study lamp gives a very minimal look that is appropriate for study and work. It is easily movable vertically for the total length. 

Plywood Dog Shape Wooden Desk Study Lamp for kids

This cute dog-shaped wooden study lamp has a teak and honey finish. It comes with a bulb which can be fixed inside the lamp. The dimensions are 19 x 6 x 20 for length, breadth, and height respectively.  

You can place them on any surface like a dog sitting or walking or standing with two legs standing on a low cabinet or table near the floor and the back legs on the floor. 

Solid wood Wooden Table Lamp

These types of study lamps are available in brown colour with a walnut finish. The dimensions are 79 x 18 x 18 which is height x width x length. The primary material used is solid wood with 40 watts and 220 to 240 volts. 

It has a knob at the end that is used to adjust the height of the lamp to your preference. The study lamp comes with 15 days of guarantee.

Sheesham wood study Table Lamp-Unique Fusion of Wood-Metal

These study tables are available in classic stone finish. The primary material of the lamp is Sheesham wood and the secondary material used is iron. The dimensions are H x W x L = 66 x 15 x 66 (cm).

The metal used in the lamp gives an industrial appearance. It comes in a colour combination of brown and black. The 3 movements feature allows detailed focus and overall shape maintenance. 

Buy Sheesham Wood Study Lamp Online India 

We make the lamp with premium quality Sheesham wood with a stone finish. It is available in brown colour with a contemporary look. The dimensions are L x B x H = 40 x 20 x 71 cm with 1.5 meter long wire. It is handcrafted with gentle curves and classic shade. 

MDF wood study Lamp.

Craftatoz makes the study lamp with MDF and gives walnut finish. The dimensions of the lamp are 79 x 38 x 40 cm which is height, width, and length respectively.

It is available in brown colour with leopard print on the lamp. It is the best suitable for kids and great for decorative purposes.

Mango wood Wooden Study Lamp

The lamp is beige, which has mango wood as the primary material with a trendy stone finish. The dimensions are H x W x L= 71 x 28 x 30 cm. This study lamp is perfect for studying or working as it has a natural finish.   

Visit our online furniture store to buy the best wooden study lamps in India.

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