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Table Clock: Rejuvenate the luxury

Although technology s evolution has graced us with smartwatches and smartphones, which people have been using to check the time, table clocks importance can t be ignored. Having the best table clock in your office or at home can significantly improve your interior décor. It will always look amazing on your table, and your visitors may keep glaring at it, so they don t feel.

Furthermore, they can help you keep up with your schedule not miss any meetings or essential functions. craftatoz table clocks have been designed with high-end features such as alarm, making them must-have equipment for your office. So, what makes craftatoz brand unique from other brands out there?

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Why Buy a Table Clock from Our Online Store in India?


Before you buy a table clock online, you need to check that its design is fantastic. No one needs an ordinary clock on their table that contradicts the office theme. At craftatoz, a team of experts focuses much on the unique design that fulfils customer expectations. Furthermore, the products are entirely handcrafted without flaws, thus ideal for any office table. 

Quality Materials Used in Table Clock

How strong or durable do you believe that the table clock is? Well, when considering the durability and stability, quality should come into your mind. The only way to enhance quality is by using premium materials. For instance, craftatoz uses different wooden materials that are stronger and reliable. Not even carpenter termite will affect them in due time. MDF, mango wood, pinewood, and Sheesham wood are among the primary materials used to make craftatoz table clocks. 


When it comes to buying table clocks online, many buyers spend a lot of money on shipping costs. It s for this reason that craftatoz sort to improve the customer shopping experience. In their line of table clocks, you ll find the best products at competitive prices. You ll not have to pay too much to own the product. Moreover, they offer free delivery, which is more than generous.


Ease of Use/ Functionality

Another essential factor you must always consider when choosing the best able clock is the functionality or ease of use. after installing the product on your table, will you see it? When you want to set the alarm, how much struggle will you undergo? People have unique preferences, so offering table clocks that are easy to use will satisfy them. The right thing with dealing with the craftatoz brand is that their products have a precise marking that is easy to read. The pointer is indicated so you can know the time displayed by the clock. 


What Are The Best Craftatoz Table Clocks?

There is a list of table clocks offered by craftatoz which you can choose based on your preference. below is a list of top 3 best table clocks


#1. Pine Wood Wooden Folded Office Table Clock

This one of the best fashionable table clocks from the craftatoz brand offers impressive features. its sleek design makes it ideal for an office table, study room, workstation, or lounge. It s made out of strong pine wood, and it will never be affected by the effect of time. Furthermore, it comes with a stone finish, which is dust and waterproof. Lastly, it has a 12x17x20cm dimension, thus won t occupy much of your tablespace.  


#2. MDF wood Wooden Folded Office Table Clock

This table clock will last for years without showing signs of tear and wear made out of MDF wood. Moreover, it has a 10x10x10cm dimension that is precious enough to fit on your table, and the visitor will not fail to recognize it. It has a honey finish with a brown colour. Furthermore, you ll be updated, so you don t miss your schedules, thanks to its precise readings. Buy this wooden table clock if you have a study room, workplace, or lounge. 


#3. Mango wood Dark-brown Wooden Table Clock

This table clock is a macer of reliable and robust mango material that s durable, sleek, and fashionable. Furthermore, it comes with a dimension of 30x19x10 cm and has an anti-slip design so it can stay on your table without sliding. To last longer, you shouldn t expose it to cleaning liquid, synthetic substances, and direct sunlight. Also, its elegant white dial surrounded by a wooden edge will make it presentable. On the package, you ll find a clock and battery to keep it operational. Furthermore, craftatoz strives for excellence, their table clock has a honey finish, and it has a brown colour that is compatible with many interior designs.  

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