Terms of Use
1) The Terms

The terms mentioned on the website www.craftatoz.com and instance thereof, including any or all related mobile application, web platform or related services are bound by government law. The company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, also the successors and assigns also "Company" under the companies act, 2013. The users of the website included "You", "Yours" and "Yourself" describe the terms on which the Company offers you access to the website.

It is advisable to all the www.craftatoz.com users to read the terms and condition carefully and follow the given instruction before viewing, using or accessing any section offered or restricted by the company online or offline both to avoid any legal charges on the users in case of not following the terms. The digital information presented on the website are the property of the CraftAtoZ company and users do not have the authority to change or copy the information and use it for their personal benefit or company.

Your use of the CraftAtoZ website signifies the unconditional acceptance of the terms and condition of the company. You are by default agreed to and legally bound by the same


The CraftAtoZ website is offered to the users to access the product online. By default, you are agreed to the terms and condition of the website and its policies. Use of the website is acceptance of all the terms, condition and notices published by the company periodically to address certain issues and legal matters.

By using the website or any services offered by the company to an individual or the private sector organization is bound to the legal procedure. Even merely browsing the website you are agreed that you have read and understood the Terms and Privacy Policy available on the home page.

The CraftAtoZ is not responsible if you haven't read the terms and condition page before taking any action or simply browsing the website. The company shall not be required to update on any changes made to the Terms. The updated policies and terms will be published periodically on the website. Therefore, users are requested to visit the Terms and Conditions page frequently to keep them updated about the policies.

You can determine the recent update by checking the date placed on the top of the page. It is users responsibility to visit the terms and condition page on the website.

In some cases, the company might require your consent before taking additional details from you. Hence, such a procedure will be informed prior to the users and approval will be taken from each users visit to the website. We will not be collecting or publishing information without your approval.


The person above 18 years of age is allowed to access the website by law in India. The user who is under 18 years of his/her age will be considered as minors. As per the Indian Consumer Act, you should be at least 18 years of age to use the website and place the purchase order on the website. Although, the user who under 18 years of age place the order on our website are solely responsible for their loss and CraftAtoZ is not liable for any reimbursement or return in case of not following the terms. CraftAtoZ has the full rights to reject any claim or stop the services offered to the users who found guilty in any scenario.

While using the CraftAtoZ website you are representing that you are at a legal age and ready to form a contract under the consumer act. The company also reserves the rights to restrict the access to the website or terminate any existing service of the users and remove all the granted access to the user any time without prior notice or giving reasons for the action.


1) Users are required to register to CraftAtoZ website and register themselves by accepting the terms and condition of the company. By accepting the terms online you are giving permission to the company to use your account details such as Username, Email id, address, credit card information, etc. to process the purchase instruction.
The service or product will be available to the users only in case of filling the required information correctly during the registration process. CraftAtoZ uses this information for future reference, communication, and facilitating other services with ease.

2) The user is fully responsible for the security of their personal information or account information used while registration. CraftAtoZ is not responsible for activities done by the third party, relatives, spouse or any other person on your behalf.
You agree to notify the CraftAtoZ support team of any unauthorized access to your account or any breach of security. Always ensure that you log-out from the account after each session and clear the password stored on your computer. In the absence of the notification from you on any sort of purchase on our website will be binding on You. CraftAtoZ is cannot or will not be liable for any loss incurred due to such a scenario. Any damage arising from the failure of notification by the users has to bear the loss. User is fully liable for loss or the unauthorized purchase on the CraftAtoZ website or access of your account from the remote places without your knowledge.

3) The user must ensure that the Account Information is stored at the secure place. Also, check the account information provided by you is complete, accurate and up to date. Using other users information to avail certain services is prohibited by law.

4) User who provides any information which is not true or try to misguide the CraftAtoZ by giving false information while registration will be considered as phishing activity. Hence the strict action will be taken by the CraftAtoZ team and the account of the user will be removed or permanently terminated from the future access of the website.
Any suspicious activity performed by any user will be checked and banned immediately. Users are not allowed to access some of the restricted pages on the website. If the CraftAtoZ tech team suspects such activity on our website, we reserved the rights to freeze the users account or in certain cases we take legal action against the user.


CraftAtoZ team putting much efforts to make available latest products and services for the customers at affordable prices. Product pricing is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Hence, users are requested to check the price of the product by visiting the website before making the payment. The final price of the product would be given on the checkout page. The terms of the product buying or returning policies are clearly mentioned on the product page. Users are requested to check the pricing details before making the payment and take the decision accordingly.

You agree to provide correct information during the purchase such as genuine contact number, email and most importantly the credit or debit card detail in case of online payment. Our payment gateway system verifies the user's identity while processing the payment and ensures the genuineness of the users.

User should not use the credit/debit card which restricted by the law or banned by the local government during the payment. We will not proceed with the order if we detect any illegal activities or the information provided during the payment. The order will be automatically cancelled without notifying the buyer. The users have to provide genuine reason or documents to approve the order.

The payment information shared by the user will not be used other than payment processing. We never share your personal details with anyone or sell to any third party company. You are solely responsible for the security of the credit or debit card information. Net banking password, top or wallet facilities is needed to be handled carefully by the users as the chances of the fraud activities are coming in case of the expose of your details or not security the login information properly on your computer. Crafters disclaims all such consequences occurred to the user.