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The most famous room or home decor stuff, tripod floor lamps are the first choice of various individuals and families. A tripod floor lamp is not used because of its design and style, but also because of it s great functionality. A tripod floor lamp can create a wonderful surrounding or ambience of your bedroom, living room, drawing room etc. It can be modified as light or dim coloured bulbs or a sparky and dark shade bulbs.


A tripod floor lamp is not like a traditional side table or bed lamp. Although the function of both lamps is the same, the tripod floor lamp is very modern and trendy. For availing of the best price of tripod floor lamp for your room decoration, buy it from us at Craftatoz. 

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tripod floor lamps

Choose a Modern and Stylish Way of Beautifying Your Home with Tripod Floor Lamp

The most common stuff or eye-catchy decorative piece which you can keep in your room is only a tripod floor lamp. It can still be a masterpiece for the guests even if it s kept aside in a corner. A tripod floor lamp is enough to make your room gorgeous and wonderful. If you ask various interior designers of the world, most of them will select or advise you to keep a tripod floor lamp in one corner of your room.


A wooden tripod floor lamp will not be expensive and can easily fit your budget. It is the cost-effective decorative stuff you can choose to decorate your room and home with.

 Numerous Variations of a Tripod Floor Lamp

You must be now getting attracted towards buying a tripod floor lamp, but do you know which tripod floor lamp to buy? If not, then we will present the best Tripod floor lamp available with us at Craftatoz.


     Grasshopper tripod floor lamp - This grasshopper design tripod floor lamp has a mid-century design and spins over it. This is the most prioritised choice of various interior designers and was developed in 1948. Mostly this classic tripod floor lamp comes in various colours, but the best and famous colour is black. The black colour of this lamp has a wide palette with modern and retro hues. We at Craftatoz offer this grasshopper tripod floor lamp at a very reasonable rate.

     Lean tripod floor lamp - This lamp has been developed with a contemporary design which has a little distressed surface on it s vintage. At the neck of this tripod lamp, a brass touch is given which complements today s generation of modern and stylish lamps. It offers variations of colours but black and white are the two most common and eye-catchy colours which make you buy this lamp at one sight. You can avail this floor lamp at Craftatoz with various best designs.


     Multi-use adjustable tripod floor lamp with marble base - This floor lamp is made of wooden and it also has a heavy marble base. This tripod floor lamp is perfect for use while reading books, to keep aside a table or bed, to keep it near the sofa in the living room etc. It can be adjusted in any size whether small, big or medium. The construction of this lamp is very perfect and iconic yet elegant which changes the whole atmosphere. We at Craftatoz offer the most trusted guarantee period to this lamp.

     Serge Mouille style floor lamp - A tripod floor lamp which has a subtle or discrete base. This was constructed in 1953 as an answer to various complicated styles and designs of that generation. This serge Mouille style tripod floor lamp offers an authentic design which compliments both modern and traditional design. We at Craftatoz offer various authentic, modern and traditional designs of Serge Mouille tripod floor lamps at a budget-friendly rate.

     Arne Jacobsen style white floor lamp - If you are looking to enjoy a retro-style ambience to your home, then this arne Jacobson style white tripod floor lamp. This decorative piece of the lamp is the most sought after collection of tripod lamps. You can keep it in the corner of the near sofa in your living room and can enjoy your time. It is very durable due to its heavy base of cast aluminium. Mostly it came in white colour, but the black colour is also chosen by various individuals. At Craftatoz you can get the best designer piece of this tripod floor lamp. 

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