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A home with the right blend of home accessories and home décor products looks beautiful and elegant. Wall décor is one of the important aspects of home décor that adds colour to your home. Wall décor is one of the important determinants of your mood as well. It helps set the right mood in a particular room. Wall mask is one such wall décor that is increasingly used in an urban household. It not only adds to the look and colour of your walls but also creates awe that helps bring out interesting talks. Craftatoz brings to you the widest collection of wall decors including the eclectic and unique Wall masks. We bring to you decorative wall masks from a variety of regions and cultures right from ancient Indian wall masks to the African tribal wall masks. Browse through our rich collection of Wall masks Online and choose one that suits your personality!

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wall masks

Buy Decorative Wall Mask Online In India: Unique Touch to Your Wall

Wall décors at your house depict your personality and styles. There are various kinds of wall decors right from wall masks to wall hangings to lanterns. Craftatozis a leading supplier of all kinds of wall decors that add to the look and feel of your house. Craftatozbrings to you a wide variety of wall masks, a peculiar style of wall art that provides a unique touch to your wall. A wall mask is an elongated piece of wood or a metal piece decorated with different colours and art palettes that depict images of different kinds right from tribals to ancient deities. A wall mask is an ideal way to provide a unique blend of traditional and contemporary ambience to your living room.

Shop Online Different Types of Wall Masks Large  Collection at Craftatoz

At Craftatoz, we bring to you a large collection of wall masks as part of our endeavour to offer the maximum choice for our customers.

For people fond of animals and want to create a lively ambience in their houses, we have the African Savannah animal wall masks that include wall masks of animals like African Elephant, Zebras, Giraffes, etc. These animal wall masks are sculpted with an artistic elongation that lends a contemporary look to your wall. We use not only natural materials while sculpting these animal wall masks, but also add synthetic materials that add to the shine and finishing of these wall masks. Most of these wall masks are hand-painted by expert sculptors.

Give a Traditional Look Your Wall With Wooden Wall Mask

For people who would like to give a touch of traditional look to their modern house, we have the perfectly sculpted traditional look wall masks. These masks have depictions of traditional deities, worshipped animals and so on. Different regions and religions have different deities and we offer wall masks with deities of different regions from Egyptian, to African and Indian. Some people use these wall masks as a mark of good luck and happiness as well. These masks are so sculpted in bright colours and modern designs in order to provide a contemporary look,

In order to provide an eclectic look on walls, we also offer wall masks that portray tribal faces from various regions like Africa, India, Red Americans, etc. These eclectic looking wall masks can glam up your home in ways that you never imagined. You can hang these wall masks in your living room or dining room and create a unique ambience at your place using these unique looking wall masks.

The brilliant décor generated by these wall masks is incomparable and shall generate awe among guests. Wall masks can act as a perfect gift to your friends, family and work colleagues.


At Craftatoz, we ensure that experienced and expert designers sculpt the wall masks to build masks of unbeatable quality that can last for years together. The unique artwork on these wall masks, the high-quality precious wood (ebony/teak/mahogany) used, the top-notch finishing is sure to leave people in awe. Our team of designers constantly updates their knowledge and strives to build wall masks that match the tastes of modern urban people. We create all our products with the utmost care and try to ensure that products reach your place undamaged by using high-quality packaging material.

We strive to exceed customer expectations and take customer feedback very seriously in designing.  Our online store provides multiple ways of ordering wall décor. We strive to deliver goods undamaged within a stipulated time to you.

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