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The wine rack set up is in fashion and easy to hold any part of the house. It is multi-purposely used for parties as well as for fun. The fresh and trendy way of life with an effect on habit can enhance our lavish lifestyle by matching up with our coming generations. So, the wood structure has been engraved into an elegant look with complete design suits and furnish you with the feel of a bar cabinet in your house. It is a useful and eco-friendly selection for long-standing materials. It is casual to wipe cloth and does not let liquid and fluid stay on them. A soothing chair and table give you to enhance your area in a party centre. As you would not decay your day while having a glass of booze to calm you from daily stress. When you take on this wine rack you not only accompany your room, but it also supports the asset of native artisans.

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wine racks

Different Assortment of Wine Rack Available Online at Our Store:


Craftatoz offers different kinds of wooden wine rack accessible that come in mixed sizes, measures, and service. For drinking, the wooden wine rack is largely preferred because of their state and is preferable to use because while setting up the bar is simple and calm with our wine rack. Dissimilar metal wine rack, they are harmless to use without acute polish finish furniture.


Buy Wooden Lush with  Comfort Wine Rack Online In India at Craftatoz

The wine rack is available in a fashionable way with mango wood appliances, adding more visual aspect to your unused space. The necessary material used is Sheesham wood. It is a lightweight wine rack with a casual setup. We make you set up a wine rack in your house in any space. It is available in sets with a chair, bar table and crockery boxes. It is formed with idols by some of the most skilful designers and adds grade, fashion, and abundance to your home.


Concrete Sheesham Wood Wine Bottle Rack with Glass Holder for Home Bar Furniture

These beautiful wine racks are approachable in an absolute setup package and are a peculiar serving wine rack engraved out of Sheesham wood. They are available in the chromatic finish giving it an uptight look. Sheesham wine racks are very stylish and appealing, and they are effortless to use. These wine racks come with a sureness of 12 months against fabricating defects.


Wood Wine Rack or Liquor Bottle Storage Holders Stemware Racks Organizer

The Craftatoz wine rack is a fantastic serving wine rack that furnishes an impulsive and extravagant look to your bar and close to the dining area. They are available in rich brown colour with extended width. They come in sets of two and are available at a very pocket-friendly worth. These wine racks have an exact delivery of 20 days.


Bottle Wine Rack Standard Antique Style

This diatonic finished wooden bottle wine rack is very pleasing to use for keeping different kinds of liquor bottles. The only thing to be profound about is that it should not be exposed as it will harm the wine rack. It is reachable as a respective item and can hold more than three bottles at a time.


Wooden Wine Rack Arranger Display Shelf for Living Room 3 Tier Bottles Holder Sheesham Wood

These wine racks come in an arrangement to hold bottles and glass too. It is clear for keeping bottles and crockery too. They have a very fascinating honey finish with a curve holding in the handle furnishing an additional clinch during serving. The wine rack is swish in look and has a wide shape.


Criss Cross Wine Rack

It is an intense hand made portion of work that comes in a bundle at a very reasonable price after discount. It is reachable in an impressive stone finish with a high capacity. These are 100% destructible and integrated. These wine racks are very easy to use and have a special look that supplies an extra zeal to the bar d├ęcor.


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